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Tony Parker Could Miss Olympics Due to Eye Injury

Tony Parker acknowledged that he could be forced to miss the Olympic Games due to the eye injury he suffered during a brawl at an NYC nightclub (which he is suing), and Parker says that it will be up to doctors to determine whether or not he can play for France this summer. From Reuters and the Express-News: “The San Antonio Spurs guard was injured in a New York nightclub 10 days ago and said he eventually had to undergo surgery to have a shard of glass removed from his eye, which he was at risk of losing. Parker had expected to be back training after a week-long rest but said on Sunday he was still sidelined and may have to withdraw from the London Games. ‘As required by the Spurs, I will go back to the U.S. on July 5… I will visit a specialist in New York, hoping he will give the green light to compete at the Games,’ Parker said on his official website (www.tp9.net). ‘The Spurs are very worried. Depending on the (examination) results, a withdrawal is possible. The decision is not mine anymore, it is up to the doctor and the Spurs.’ Parker will be out of action pending the doctor’s decision, so will miss four warm-up matches. He will be available only from July 7 if he is given the green light to play. [...] Spurs general manager R.C. Buford confirmed the team’s involvement in Parker’s return to the U.S. to have his eye examined. The team, he said, also will be ‘involved’ in the prescription for his recovery from an injury sustained during an incident at a New York City night club on June 14. ‘Trust that we’re going to take advantage of the remedies that are available to us through the NBA’s agreement with FIBA to understand the severity of the injury and be involved in Tony’s prescription for recover from any injury,’ Buford said.”

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  • http://moontain.org Fredd

    Tony has waited his life long to play in the olympics, no way he misses it … no way.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    popovich loves this type of stuff right?

  • Alex

    Day 1: parkers night ruined bc of brawl
    Day 2-3: Parker spilt drink on himself ruining shirt
    Day 4-5: Parker had eye poked
    Day 5: Parker has eyescratched
    Day 6: Parker almost loses eye
    Day 7: Parker almost died
    Day 8: Parker is dead
    Day 9: Rihanna is sleeping with Parker corpse

  • bigA

    holy schmoly alex, you should contribute more often!