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George Karl Cautiously Supports Gregg Popovich’s Decision to Rest Stars

NBA coaches tend to stick up for one another. So, it came as no surprise that Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl came to Gregg Popovich’s defense when news broke that the NBA would be sanctioning the San Antonio Spurs for resting perfectly healthy players. Understandably, Karl was very cautious with his comments. Per the Denver Post: “Before Thursday’s game in Golden State, Denver coach George Karl was asked about Pop’s decision. ‘I don’t think I’m touching this one – the only question I would ask is, is the commissioner in the right?’ Karl said. ‘If you’re going to ask if Pop is in the right, you’ve got to ask if the commissioner is in the right. And I’m not answering either one. To me, how you coach the team should be on the organization and the coach.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    i hope denver and san antonio play each other on a thursday this year and agree before hand to start their regular five and then pull them after 30 seconds and let them rest for the rest of the game

  • Chukaz

    Yeah either that or all the all-stars (past and present) sit out with a mild case of tendonitis. Or better yet, they play at half speed. The league can’t dictate at what speed you play. If they did Andrew Miller and Jason Kidd would owe the league money. Can u image how funny it would be if LeBron got a steal, found himself all alone near the basket, came to a stop and but the ball on the glass with 2 hands without leaving the ground?