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Byron Scott Wants Kyrie Irving to Work Out With Chris Paul

by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Byron Scott believes that second-year point guard Kyrie Irving has a chance to become the NBA’s best floor general. For him to become the best, however, he’s gotta learn from the guy currently holding the crown.

Scott is pushing Irving to give Chris Paul a call next summer, figuring it could only help push Kyrie’s game to the next level if he worked out with Paul.

Per CBS Sports:

Chris Paul is held as the gold standard in this league when it comes to the point guard position. His work ethic, skill, the way he’s so proficient at everything. But even then, I really believe Kyrie has a chance to be the best point guard in the league in the next, really, four to five years. Do you agree?

Byron Scott, head coach, Cleveland Cavaliers: “I think it is. I think one thing that he needs to do this summer is call Chris Paul and work out with him.”

Why’s that?

Scott: “Because then he would learn from the best. I know he’s friends with LeBron James. I know Kevin Durant. He needs to work out with some of these guys, some of the biggest stars in this league, and see how they work. I think he’d have a different perspective on what this is all about. I think it would help him tremendously. But I do think in the next 3-4 years … He and I have talked about this. He has the possibility of being the best point guard in this league.”

While lavishing praise on the exceptional and gifted 20-year old, Byron Scott adds that Kyrie Irving needs to improve defensively, as a playmaker, and above all, on his toughness. Scott thinks Irving has a long way to go until he’s as determined and competitive as Chris Paul was at the same age and continues to be today. From ESPN:

“His leadership, I thought Chris was much more of a leader at 20-years old,” Scott said. “Right away you could tell that that’s what he was all about. Kyrie is getting to that point. He’s learning to be a leader. They have a bunch of similarities and then they have a lot of things that aren’t nowhere near the same. I’ve been lucky. I’ve coached Chris Paul, who I think is the best point guard in the league, and I’m coaching a guy who could very arguably be the best point guard in the league in the next few years. [...] I called Chris the first day that I met him, he was the silent assassin with the baby face, Mr. Nice Guy, but when he gets on the court he will do whatever it takes to win a basketball game. I don’t know if Kyrie is there yet. We’ve always talked about that. Can he get there? Yeah. I still think so, yeah.”

Pick up the phone, Kyrie.

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  • spit hot fiyah

    he is a really good scorer, his assist numbers could be higher though. doesn’t matter how bad his team mates are, andre miller led the League in assists with cleveland

  • Markus437

    I don’t know if its just for me but everytime I play association mode on nba 2k13 Chris Paul always ends up signing with the cavs and kyrie’s sent to the bench lol

  • TV63

    Or….Kyrie can get better with a new coach…… Yeah that’s more like it.

  • jarjar

    both him and chris paul play the same game a true point guard efficiency. i noticed byron scott coached the best point guards out there. i think it started with kidd during the nets then paul when he was in NO then with Kyrie. Kyrie is heading where Chris Paul is today

  • pposse

    so basically Byron Scott thinks that Kyrie needs to get more mentally tough.

  • Max

    Since when do they play the same game?

  • http://twitter.com/AirGordon44 MJG44

    uhh the title of best point guard belongs to a young man named DERRICK ROSE #thereturn top 5 point guards to have for the future…1.drose 2.cp3 3.russ westbrook 4.kyrie irving 5.damian lillard and at 6 john wall

  • LakeShow

    We all do!

  • 336allday

    I am a 30 year old grad student from W-S, and I have worked out with Chris Paul no less than 50 times. Kyrie should be able to do that no problem. And on another note, if Byron Scott were white he would be considered one of the worst coaches in the history of bball. JKidd, CP3, and Kyrie??? And he couldn’t do a darn thing with them? Come on mannnnnn

  • Cam

    After this season is over with, Kyrie needs to add a few pounds of muscle (due to his playing style) and working out with CP3 would be great. Kyrie needs to learn how to defend better, and pick up some leadership skills. The Cavs are a terrible team, but once Kyrie gets more demanding, they’ll be that much closer to being a playoff team.

  • Cam

    But Miller doesn’t have nowhere near the scoring abilities that Kyrie has. Kyrie is putting up 23 PPG, because Cleveland is the 2nd worst offensive team in the NBA. I’m pretty sure he’d be a pass-first PG had he have a finisher/ reliable shooter to depend on…

  • LakeShow

    Man this is a dumb comment.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    this is an outrageous comment.


    Byron Scott went to back 2 back finals with Jason Kidd —- on team whose leading scorer was Kenyon Martin at 14.9PPG. — i mean, you can give Kidd all the credit if you want, but don’t expect anyone to see your opinion as an intelligent one.


  • http://www.facebook.com/rainman1991 Saleem Rainman

    yes lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/rainman1991 Saleem Rainman

    lol, no.

  • Dagger

    Jason Kidd and Chris Paul had arguably their best years playing for Byron Scott. I don’t think he’s holding back Irving. The fact that his comments here are so measured and on-point backs up that belief.

  • theDankerNuggets

    That would be really good for Irving he clearly has much more of a scorers mentality on offense, needs to learn how to work his teammates into the offense to get more efficient buckets.

  • D_B

    Yeah man. Black coaches have it so easy.

  • D_B

    Scott’s giving Kyrie love by even putting him in the same category as CP3. That’s the short “con”. The long con is motivating his movement to the next level. Brilliant long “con”. This is some Clay Davis sh*t, the good version.

  • Gregory Davis

    Basketball in the NBA. lol

  • Gregory Davis

    Kyrie, He’ll Be ALL……IGHT!……

  • robb

    Man, there are so many exciting PG’s in the league today. From the true pg type like kyrie and cp3 to the super athletic like Russ, Wall and DRose, to Rondo and Ricky Rubio. This is the golden age for pg’s

  • spit hot fiyah

    i agree, i wasn’t implying that he was. i was just trying ot say the fot Irving to reach the next level his assist should go up and his team is not an excuse

  • Egor

    What can Uncle Drew learn from these young bloods like Chris Paul? Them with their hippidy hop.

  • Max

    I knew i’d get one of these, what I meant: Since when do they have the same playing style?

  • nixon

    These young bloods don’t practice their fundamentals! lol

  • Marcuz

    happens in MyPlayer as well…

  • TV63

    No disrespect. He was fired from both organizations with a much better record than Cavs have right now. Btw Jason Kidd can’t stand SCott and there’s a reason for that. Agree he’s not holding back Irving with minutes but he could help him out alot more with the last minutes of game with better game plays so he doesn’t resort to hero ball which he gets numerous turn overs thus Cavs lose again. And yeah I know it’s more complicated than that. But it’s a start.

  • Gregory Davis

    Hey Max, Actually I Knew what you Meant, I was just being funny!, But you are Absolutely Right! Chris Paul’s Game is Explosive Than to Kyrie’s Game, Maybe it’s the Experience that he has in the NBA, Than street ball. But CP3 definitely can help UP Kyrie’s Game to another level. And then again Kyrie can give CP3 some tips too!

  • Max

    Biggest difference is CP3 is looking to get his teammates buckets before he does.
    Kyrie looks to score first, pass second (rightfully so with that team).
    They’re both unstoppable in the 4th quarter thats for sure.

  • Gregory Davis

    You’re absolutely correct, Kyrie probably has that attitude of shooting before passing because he knows that his team is in the Cellar with 9 wins and 30 loses, so he thinks points first because he’s not that patient to make his players around him good buy passing like experienced players as CP3 or Rhondo. These guys been around much longer. But you are 100% correct of their difference.

  • FlyHigh21

    He needs to call the Lakers and work out with the most hardworking players in the NBA: Nash and Kobe. Not even CP3 or Lebron can give him enough knowledge cept the two smartest players in the game right now