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Chris Bosh Blames the Miami Heat’s System for Rebounding Problems

The Miami Heat are a poor rebounding team, a fact which has cost them games, and is creating frustration in the locker room. According to Chris Bosh, the one who gets blamed the most for the lack of boards, it has a lot to do with the team’s style of play. Per the Miami Herald: “Chris Bosh says he’s willing to do whatever it takes to help improve the Heat’s rebounding numbers. Apparently, that includes coming off the bench. Speaking figuratively, more than anything, Bosh said he wouldn’t object to coming off the bench or just sitting to ‘learn some more’ if that would help the team. The Heat has been outrebounded by 39 in its past two losses and much of the blame has fallen on Bosh. This month, Bosh is averaging 5.8 rebounds per game. ‘Just saying how much invested into it I am,’ Bosh said, smiling sarcastically. ‘We want the best rebounders out there on the court and to say that I’m lacking on my job and it’s not me, if I’m not a good rebounder out there, if I’m not what this team needs, then maybe I need to sit and learn some more or maybe someone needs to play some more. That’s just a figure of speech.’ Bosh’s odd comments come one day after he suggested the Heat’s system should be changed to create more rebounding opportunities. ‘We get placed in a system and we try to play to the system to the best of our abilities,’ Bosh said after the Heat’s loss to Indiana. ‘Some days, it’s good. Some days, it’s bad. Most days it has been bad for us on the boards. I don’t think it’s about effort. We’re trying our best.’ Bosh said in Indianapolis that perhaps playing a more traditional lineup would help. ‘We played more conventional basketball the first year and last year,’ Bosh said. ‘This is different.’ Bosh didn’t back away from those comments on Wednesday in Portland. ‘I know I can rebound the basketball,’ Bosh said. ‘I know we all can. We need to be put in the best position to do that.’”

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  • zogs19994


  • https://twitter.com/Wayne__o BuenoWayno1

    Blame coach spo and the GM…the heat are in desperate need of bigs meanwhile Kmart , Birdman are home chillin

  • Dymez

    I can agree with that. I mean Chris was averaging 10, 11rpg before he went to Miami. I look at it similar to KG rpg’s drop when he went to Boston — he was the best rebounder in the league in Minny. Boston and Miami run the same defensive scheme, so there’s definitely validity to what Chris is saying.

  • Max

    Sign MBenga!

  • Death Kid

    why not make Lebron as a Center?

  • spit hot fiyah

    he was a good rebounder in t-dot, major drop of

  • The Fury

    Why not just the GM?? Spo’s not the one who signs/picks players anyways.

  • roscoe

    hey chris, if your best isn’t good enough, try harder…

    its hard to listen to this junk… play hard & if your opponent beats you give them credit.

    don’t blame your team’s system, take ownership, bc everyone dislikes a whiner…

  • https://twitter.com/Wayne__o BuenoWayno1

    True but its spo’s job to put his players in a favorable position.. We ALL know bosh isnt a center thats not his game so y put him in that Quagmire.

  • Saturnin Kepa

    The RuPaul of big men wanting to teach the team how to rebound by sitting.

  • Saturnin Kepa

    Andrea Bargnani was his partner in crime. (psssst, Andrea does not rebound, all his boards were going to Bosh). Bosh does get lazy on the boards once in a while and was showing that in his later days with Toronto, sometimes he just needs to man up.

  • Saturnin Kepa

    He was good not great. Lots of heartbreaking losses where PF of lesser stature hussled an offensive board off of him and cost us the game. Mikki Moore, Bosh Kryptonite, look it up.

  • Dymez

    I guess that whole similar system/Kevin Garnett example didn’t really fly with you, huh?

  • Saturnin Kepa

    No, it did not get off the ground. KG played 40 minutes with Wolves, in Boston he was lucky to get 30. He also was much older, some would say rolling down the peak of his prime. KG also made Bosh look silly on the boards when it counted, especially when he was in Boston.

  • Dymez

    KG, when he got to Boston, was 31 and still in peak condition. His minutes dropped some, to about 34 per game, which is normal (that comes with being on a better team), but his rebounds per minute still showed how his rpg diminished. Mind you, on a team that held opponents to a much, much lower field goal percentage which lead to more opportunities than he ever had on the defensive glass. It’s the scheme.

  • Saturnin Kepa

    I think your stats are off, dont think he even got 33 minutes, but we are just bickering over a minute or two, both embelishing our point. Your argument breaks down, because Boston did not have rebounding woes. The pace was slower, there were less boards, but their opponents rebounded proportionally.
    In this case, someone is having their lunch money stolen.

  • Dymez

    Well, I apologize for any numbers that may be 1 or 2 notches skewed. I’m currently on my iPhone and am in no possession of WiFi to thoroughly check statistics, I’m relying on complete muscle memory.

    However, I’m 100% sure that his rpg per minute was still lower in Boston. And as far as pace, I believe Minny, in KG’s last season and Boston in KG’s first season, was about the same. Boston didn’t have rebounding woes — I’m talking about just one man here. Someone better call the cops.

  • Saturnin Kepa

    In that case let me put it to you this way, if its the system, like Bosh claims, How much did LBJ rebounding go down by? Why is it that he claims his first two years with Miami were diffrent, when you are claiming its a systemic drop across ALL seasons? I think, you are forgeting his words and trying to further an argument.
    As far as I am concerned RuPaul just made an apperance and is not manning up to his shortcomings. Yes Bosh can rebound, but his excuses for this season as opposed to last make my eyes roll. Not mention his solution make me question his sanity and ability to take criticism.

  • Dymez

    Whoa. “RuPaul?” I see what’s going on here, you hate Chris Bosh. Well, I’m not into defending a player, and I don’t want to come off like an apologist — I’m not even a Chris Bosh fan — I think he is a really good player, though. But I would like him to put some more bang in his game and hit the blocks instead of camping the elbow.

    But the way the Celtics and Heat defensive schemes are, their bigs do a lot of help work on guards; shifting, trapping, and loading the key, which leaves their bigs out of position to hit the glass. LeBron is normally out on the perimeter and he has free lanes to crash the glass, D-Wade as well. Same reason why you may often see Rondo getting these 8, 9, 10 rebound games as the smallest player on the court, and it’s a great thing to have the ball in your playermakers’ hands to jump the break from go.

  • Saturnin Kepa

    Correct. I despise Bosh. I also am an expert on him, watched him mature in front of my eyes. I can tell you everything about his game, strengths and weaknesses. His rebounding is good, but like you point out, when he camps it goes south. He has good back to the basket moves, but often settles for jimmies, those put him out of rebounding position. He is a consistant producer and and efficient player. However, he does need to get slap in the face once in a while has a tendency to whine, which is why Shaq nicknamed him the RuPaul of big men. Responsibility is always deflected when criticism is levied against him. In all instances, his critics have his best interest at heart. He usually takes a stance like this, where he feels he is not being appreciated and sulks.
    He cost my franchise an asset. We supported him through thick and thin. If he wanted to be fair to his fan base, he would not have strung us along for his personal interest. Look at my crocodile tears for Mr. Bosh, SNAP.

  • Saturnin Kepa

    I imagine, at this juncture he is realizing that he is only getting half of the money his 7 years in Toronto earned him. Houston was offering him max, as was Toronto. Subconsciously, that must eat at the egotistically fragile Bosh, both Wade and James have other sources. I would not be surprised at all if his performance is reflecting this battle in his psyche.
    It can’t feel good to look at your paycheck and know that you could be getting twice that, and that chances are you will never have that same pay day playing behind a Wade and a James. Then he gets crapped on for not rebounding like he did in Toronto where he earned substantially more. See how the turtle goes back into his shell? Any more questions?

  • Dymez

    You’re scaring me, bro.

  • Factcheck

    He pays much less taxes in Miami not to mention his endorsement check I’m sure he is making more on paper

  • MVBarber

    His more effective playing PF.If they put Joel at C, problem fix.They never had this rebounding problem last 2 years.Its not hard 2 figured out.Bosh played PF all his life and now they making him play C.