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Roy Hibbert Paid His Teammates for Playing Good Defense

The Indiana Pacers’ excellent defense last night — they held the floundering Charlotte Bobcats to just 76 points in a laugher — cost center Roy Hibbert money. He’s more than happy to pay up, it turns out. Per the Indy Star: “As if his Indiana Pacers needed extra motivation, Roy Hibbert realized during a late time out Tuesday night that the struggling Charlotte Bobcats might not score 80 points. His mouthed opened and out came a challenge. Keep the Bobcats in the 70s, Hibbert instructed the five reserve players checked in the game. It’s worth $100 per man. ‘I’m a man of my word,’ he assured them. In a happy locker room following a 103-76 blowout, the highest-paid Pacer ($13.66 million this season) handed out large bills to three teammates, including one he couldn’t name, Dominic McGuire, who is playing on a 10-day contract. Jeff Pendergraph refused his reward. Ben Hansbrough must wait until Hibbert finds an ATM. ‘He’s a rookie; he gets his last,’ Hibbert said with playful defiance.”

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  • Alex Yakhnich

    So are these bounties? How is this different from NFL and Saints? Personally I don’t think neither were at any fault as long as nobody tried intentionally hurt someone which wasn’t the case.

  • roscoe

    i like this… good job RH.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    He’s getting paid to average more than 10 and 8 a game. Too bad he’s not doing it.

  • spit hot fiyah

    this is the type of thing u can do when u r on a max contract

  • spit hot fiyah

    i really like pendergraph’s attitude, he’s like: u don’t have to pay me extra to play hard on defense

  • Max


  • Redd

    A 100? Pacers are pretenders and my Bulls are stiill King.

  • GaryR

    Don’t let Roger Goodell hear about this…he’ll be on the phone to Stern calling for people’s heads! I’d drug test them all too, I’m sure those guys on the floor who held them under 80pts. were doing HGH, steroids, and Adderall. No normal human beings could do that!

    ‘Pacergate…The Truth Will Prevail.’

    Call the US Government, I DEMAND a multi million dollar investigation…and call Oprah too!

    PS: And I’d test Reggie Miller as well…he was at that game!

  • Comment_System

    who does he pay when he gets blocked by a guard?

  • Gregory Davis

    Just wait until Stern and his Conrads hear about this. What! Gambling in the Locker room? Then all involved get fined Thousands of Dollars and Suspensions are next to come. Players paying Players to play hard just to Beat another team? OH! Hell NO! I Will Not Tolerate this Nonsense. In My Office, RIGHT NOW!