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Andrew Bynum Finally Practices With 76ers

In the biggest Andrew Bynum news we’ve heard in a long time, Bynum finally went through a practice with the 76ers on Friday, sources told the Philadelphia Inquirer: “The long and protracted wait by the 76ers to get center Andrew Bynum on the floor ended Friday as the center participated in a spirited practice, according to multiple sources. According to at least two of the sources, Bynum, who has been working out with coaches and team medical personnel exclusively, participated in a five-on-five scrimmage with teammates. Just how long the scrimmage lasted was unknown. This is a huge step for Bynum and the Sixers, who have just 30 games remaining in the regular season, including Saturday’s game with the defending champion Miami Heat, winners of nine straight. For both parties, the most important element now is to see how Bynum’s knees react in the coming days. Earlier this week, Bynum, who has been recovering from bilateral bone bruises and weakened cartilage in both knees, told reporters that he thought he might be able to begin practicing with his teammates in one or two weeks. He also has said that he had ramped up his activity in recent days. However, if Bynum does not experience any pain on Saturday, there exists, according to one source, the possibility that he could resume practicing sooner. Oftentimes, practicing 5-on-5 is the final step for an injured player before he plays in actual games.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    one of the wierder injuries i can remember. he finished of last season healthy, then in the summer gets something done on his knees and almost missed the whole year. he never really got injured

  • playa

    Maybe he got tired of playing basketball and took a few months vacation,basketball is not on a list of his “likes” supposedly :)

  • theguy

    nah, he was never 100% last year, he’s been dealing with knee issues for quite some time now, but this summer was when he got the big procedure done. if you saw him during last year he could barely sprint during games, and he had multiple knee drainings as well, so his knees are pretty bad

  • MBBall

    I’m disappointed, the only reason i clicked on this article was to see a picture of a new Andrew Bynum hair style

  • Jalen Johnson

    Practice? We talkin about PRACTICE?!!?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.brodes Jay Brodes

    no way he plays this year..book it!

  • yourdribbleizcookiez

    Breaking News: Andrew Bynum blows knee out, is out indefinitely after freak accident, walking to Philly cornerstore to pick up dutches, a box of twinkies, and a hair comb.