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Philadelphia Sixers Remain Undecided on Andrew Bynum

Sixers president Rod Thorn addressed the murky future of center Andrew Bynum, whose “bizarre” injuries put an end to his season prior to it ever really starting. Thorn says the team has yet to make a decision regarding Bynum’s impending free agency. Per the Delaware County Daily Times‘ Q&A: “With two home games left, do you feel the Sixers should have achieved more this year? ‘With the (Andrew) Bynum situation, we gave up some terrific assets in order to get Andrew. And Andrew hasn’t been able to play. So I think we played about as well as we could play otherwise. I think we have done some good things. We had a bad stretch in the year. Obviously, we are finishing up here on a pretty high note. But we rolled the dice to so speak with Bynum. I think if we had Bynum, we’d be a really good team. And with him not being able to play, it’s been a tough thing for us.’ Do you have a timetable on deciding whether to bring Bynum back? ‘I don’t. He doesn’t become a free agent until the end of June, the first of July.’ Will that be your decision to make the offer? ‘That decision? He is a free agent, he can go anywhere he wants to. It’s not just what we want to do, it’s what he wants to do, too.’ Will the Sixers make an offer? ‘We’ll have to see what transpires.’ Will that be your decision or ownership’s? ‘Ownership obviously will have a part in it. The basketball people will make recommendations and ownership will … and doctors will play a big part in that.’ So the Sixers will need some medical reports before deciding? ‘Oh, for sure. Oh, yeah. You try to do your due diligence. As Andrew is a free agent, he’ll do his due diligence and try to figure out exactly where he would like to play — or he wouldn’t, as the case may be. And from our perspective we will do our due diligence and try to figure out what we should do.’”

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  • roscoe

    so if drew takes a 1 or 2 year deal for approximately $8 mil PHI likes him…

    but, if the market decides to pay more w/ more years forget about it.

  • Seth

    I would not offer him a big contract because of the injury issue. Doesn’t deserve the money and probably not worth the risk.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    Any predictions on where he is gonna go? I think he will resign in Philly

  • Max

    Phoenix should make him an offer!

  • roscoe

    well, let’s see…













    Bigs are hard to come by & for some the $$ risk ain’t nuttin.

  • WestUp_R_VestUp, 713!

    Houston will give him at least a 2yr deal.. They give out free $$$ to any and everybody..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    like 3/4ths of those teams are really unrealistic….who would sign him and his big contract?

  • Turk

    Like Barkley said, I can`t wait to laugh at the GM who offers this bum a max deal. Send him to the Dleague to cut his ego down to size. He does not work out like he should, his immaturity is bad for a leader, and he needs to get in shape. Be Humble and work hard young man. You only proven you could play half a season and a few playoff games on a stacked team, with a legendary coach.

  • Turk

    Jesus, Philly gave up an all star and their leader, best def player, most athletic player, and primary ball handler him. IGGY has been awesome at the Mile high team. He does everything well other than freethrows. Just like he was doing last season in Philly. Why does Philly send their two best players of the last decade to Denver (AI,Iggy)???????????????????hell Andre Miller too I think traded to denver. He is the Iron Man. Just think Jrue, Evan, Iggy, Young, Hawes, and Iron Man as 6th man/late game leader. Jrue or Andre would start, could have kept willie Green and Louis Williams. That is a great f`n team. They had Speights too and gave him to Memphis.

  • Turk


  • http://www.facebook.com/zer02hero15 James Franco Guerta

    They said that the Magic are the losers on that trade but Vucevic and Harkless are fast improving.

  • Msizzle29

    Really???? There’s no way you really think that. Iggy is a roll player. He’s doing good in denver because he’s playing his role. He was holding jrue and thad back. He isn’t that good. He only is a all starr because of how hard collins lobbied for him. Vucevic had to go because he wouldn’t be used right here under collins anyways. I say let’s trade evan for a decent big and go after tyreke in the offseason.