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John Stockton Has Written an Autobiography

“Assisted”, Utah Jazz legend John Stockton’s autobiography will hit bookshelves this fall. Not too surprisingly, Stockton’s running mate for 18 seasons Karl Malone wrote the introductory blurb. Per the Deseret News: “The Hall of Fame point guard’s autobiography ‘Assisted’ — co-authored by Kerry L. Pickett, his junior high coach in Spokane, Wash. — will be released this fall. [...] The book from Stockton, who retired in 2003 after an incredible 19-year career in Utah, will be made available to the public Oct. 29. Here is the description of ‘Assisted’ from Amazon.com: ‘Fast, gritty, durable player who could read a basketball floor as well as anyone who ever played the game, John Stockton left the NBA after 19 seasons with the Utah Jazz, holding a massive assist record, including the career mark (15,806). He also twice led the league in steals with a career total of 3,265 and retired as the NBA’s all-time leader. And during Stockton’s career, the Jazz never missed the playoffs. Coach Frank Layden said, ‘Nobody thought that he was going to be this good. Nobody. But the thing was, nobody measured his heart.’ John’s autobiography, ‘Assisted,’ pulls back the curtain on his very personal life to show fans a thoughtful recounting of the people, places and events that have connected with John along his path of extraordinary success. This book clearly illustrates the importance of his family, his faith and his unparalleled competitive spirit.”

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  • berkamore

    Great player. Always loved him. He shows how far you can go if you just keep showing up, like Stock did for 19 years. (Talent also helps but you get the point).

    I remember reading somewhere that Stock spent very little money early in his NBA career because he always figured that he could be cut at any moment. With hindsight, it’s funny but it just shows, like the article says, that few people thought he would be any good.

    But Stock, in his quiet way, always believed he could play at that level. And he was proven right. I’ll definitely pick up a copy.

  • Ismael Sandiego

    John Stockton = Pure point guard.

  • Max

    More of a shoot first pg too me.

  • Ismael

    He averaged 10.5 assists in 19 years and is the NBA career leader in assist and steals while averaging 13 pts. per game. nuff’ said.

  • Max

    I know.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i’ll pass…..see what i did there

  • MikeC.

    “My name is John Stockton. I have hair on my balls and I assist on baskets. The end.”

  • LP @ThisisEther

    gotta purchase this…

  • logues

    I have been waiting for a stockton/malone book for awhile now! I always thought they shoulda done a book together tho, sorta like magic and bird’s “when the game was ours.” It just seems right for them to do a book together. This will do tho, can’t wait to read it. Also, i think a kemp/payton book would be sweet too!

  • MikeC.

    GP’s part would be a mess of trash talk, and Kemp’s part would be unfinished.

  • Bojangles

    or maybe he would finish, like he did to many women which resulted in many kids.

  • Dacre

    I just voted up 3 comments and each time two points were added….0-0
    Somehow….thats stockton-esque…

  • Daniel Noel

    lolmao #clever

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  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    “And during Stockton’s career, the Jazz never missed the playoffs.” never knew that. kudos

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  • Ugh

    Were you born in the 1930s?

  • Ugh

    “…and then I passed to Karl, and he scored. Coach called a time out, and he yelled at me for making a good pass, and then he called Karl a $%^#* for making the basket. He pulled out his clipboard and said, ‘Okay, here’s what we’re going to do, and you better do it right. John, bring the ball up the floor. Karl, you set a screen here. John, you pass to Karl and Karl, if you have an opening, score a basket. If not, pass it back to John and he can score. Got it, you #%@&*? Now get out there and win this game!’

    “So we ran coach’s play. The other team seemed to see it coming, but in the end I managed to get the pass to Karl and he scored.”

    Repeat for 200 pages.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez