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Roy Hibbert Didn’t Shake Hands With Miami After Game 7 Since He Doesn’t Know Them

After a blowout Game 7 win for the Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers players and coaches walked over and congratulated the victors following a long, bitter series. Well, most Pacers did anyway. Roy Hibbert and David West were notable exeptions, and they have their reasons for walking off the floor without shaking the opponents’ hands. Per the Indy Star: “Roy Hibbert and David West – like Boston’s Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo last season – weren’t interested with shaking hands, giving daps or giving hugs to the Heat. For West, it’s simple. He’s old school. He’s like the players in the 1980’s. He doesn’t have time to be buddies with his opponent. That’s why West never shook hands with any Heat players during the 10 meetings this season. For Hibbert, it was different. He’s never played with any of the Heat players. He respects them, but it wasn’t the time to be crashing their party. ‘I know some of our guys have played on teams with some of them, but I don’t know them personally,’ Hibbert explained. ‘It was their moment because they won. I have tremendous respect for them, but I don’t know any of those guys personally and I didn’t want to interrupt their moment.’”

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  • Markus437

    Didn’t LeBron get fined for doing the same thing back when he lost to the magic in game 6 of the 2009 east finals?

  • Sam Seaborn

    didn’t speak to the media after – and no he still wasn’t fined

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    good for hibs and west

  • jking-hoops

    lebron did not get fined in 2009.

  • Hay c

    What does old-school have to do with it? Shaking hands and mean you’re best friends with the other team or even that you want them to win the next round. It’s just sportsmanship.

  • Dagger

    When Lebron did this years back, he was savaged by the media. As he should have been. Shaking hands after a loss is elementary sportsmanship, although I almost respect the Indy Star for trying to twist this embarrassment into something noble about the Pacers.

  • Max

    Who cares what they do?
    If they don’t want to do it, they don’t have to.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk
  • Dfrance

    I really don’t see what the big deal is here. They aren’t HS players that are forced to line up and shake hands after a loss. Some people do, some don’t.

  • star

    misleading slam title alert

  • PatRileyistheman

    Widdle baby Hibbert got his widdle feelers hurt? What a baby.

  • bike

    No big deal but his reasoning that he doesn’t know them personally sounds flaky. Just keep it positive, respect them, and don’t complain and drum up excuses.

  • BugEyes

    if I got my butt whooped like that I wouldn’t shake hands with the guy who did it either

  • Alex80

    Phuck sportsmanship! Ball is life

  • jaysohn

    It does seem like a double standard. Lebron got a lot of criticism for not shaking hands after a playoff series loss. Maybe because Hibbert and West aren’t considered super stars it’s not considered as big of a deal. I really don’t think it matters either way. Like someone said this isn’t high school. If you don’t want to shake hands it shouldn’t be an issue.


    Shaking hands is phony sportsmanship. Good for Hibbert

  • Raiko Annus

    I don’t think that any player wants a team to win but their own. And why would they? Miami beat Pacers and now the Pacers want them to win ? Bullshit. Maybe they usually congratulate each other, but if it was I, who had lost, I would want the Spurs to win.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/savagemuzicgroup T-Ray

    I don’t really see a problem here. Was it a clear lack of sportmanship? No question, but I think the whole not shaking hands after an a$$ whooping thing is overblown. Like someone stated earlier on the thread if you want to shake hands do it if not then don’t.

  • LakeShow

    My sentiments also.

  • Feez_22

    rondo/garnett (star players) didn’t shake hands either with the heat after game 7 of the 2012 eastern conference finals and hardly received any backlash from the media either so… it’s really just a lebron thing where the media wanted to pounce on anything he did.

    Honestly, i don’t see it as a big deal. heck… i saw the pistons entire team walk off the floor after the bulls swept them back in the early nineties. Sportsmanship is cool but if you are battling in a game 7 do or die and lose i’d understand you not staying on the court to congratulate.

  • Dagger

    In my opinion, shaking hands is an acknowledgement that there are things more important than winning or losing. Respect, dignity, honor, rules, the things we graft onto the competition of sports to lift it beyond a simple brawl, and to teach us something about how we should treat each other. I understand that this perspective is kind of old fashioned, maybe even naive, but I do think that things like a post-game handshake matter.

  • Mdef

    Watch enough sports and even history, and you’ll realize winning is THE most important thing…. sad but true

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/savagemuzicgroup T-Ray

    I don’t disagree with you at all. My thing was the coverage of it always seems forced to me. They didn’t shake hands so what? Doesn’t make him any less of a person. Me personally I would go up and give a simple handshake but I certainly wouldn’t dap it up and hug.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    ehh who cares. i just hope this experience humbled Hibbert. Cuz he needed it.

  • Dagger

    Sports is not the same as, say, war. That’s the whole point.

  • Dagger

    I respect that opinion. Either way hugs aren’t needed, but a simple acknowledgement of your opponent just shows good sportsmanship.

  • Lloyd

    Double standard? Lebron said “no homo”, in an interview two years ago and wasn’t punished at all. DWade, knowing there were live cameras on him with minimal noise around him, yelled “mothaf*cka” and went unpunished. Let’s not talk about the Heat being at the butt end of some double standard.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/savagemuzicgroup T-Ray

    Agreed. Btw your raptor pic…I drew that. You’re welcome *Kobe voice*

  • Lloyd

    Sportsmanship is good, but asking a competitive man to shake hands with the people that beat them directly after a bitter and scrappy 7 game series is ridiculous. Competitive fire is fueled by emotion and the desire to win. Seperating the game from that emotional motivation to win should not be encouraged. It makes automonous, robotic players who just try to put the ball in the hoop more than the other team. If they don’t? Oh well. Boring.

    Also, your expectation for them to do so relies on your assumption that they respect the Heat players. Clearly they thought of them as classless, flopping punks throughout the whole series. Shaking hands with a person who you hold in contempt like that is baseless. It’s just an empty action.

  • Lloyd

    Roy Hibbert’s PR guy has been working some overtime this week.

  • Youngindy21

    They’re not buddies so why should he have to shake their hands. They are competitors or rivals so of course they not gonna be buddy buddy after losing a championship game.

  • Hingle McCringleberry

    They should just pat each others butts. Maybe rub a little. Keep it real.

  • Dagger

    Okay, that’s really cool. Great job, and, respect.

  • mtobi

    No homo

  • mary

    liar, you are a sore loser, you dont have to know someone to shake their hands , it’s clear to me that hibbert and west are both slow dumb and ignorant! they are both sore losers that made dumb faces throughout the whole series! west should retire his face, it’s a mess just like his game! you played seven games with these people doing more than shaking hands, you fouled them and grabbed their arms and shirts but you can’t shake hands with them..no, sore losers never win!!!!! bye bye birdie!

  • Melvin flynt


  • mary

    so true, i was tired of his arrogance and couldn’t wait until the heat put them out! indiana was way to arrogant and obnoixious! all those faces west was making was making me about to turn the tv!

  • mary

    so true, thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    the only thing a handshake shows is respect. i don’t think it’s a big deal if Roy Hibbert lacks respect for the Heat and their players. it reflects poorly on Hibbert’s character. But it isn’t a big deal.

  • Andy P

    In no way does this reflect poorly on his character, these are professional athletes. Do you think Lebron and Wade went home and were upset about not getting a handshake from them? No, they were not.

  • Andy P

    way ‘too’ arrogant…I understood what you meant though. Disagree, they took the ‘unbeatable’ Heat to the limit

  • BostonBaller

    Rondo/Garnett did get whipped for what they did (didn’t do)..on this site no less. lol. I’m a former player and current coach and I believe in shaking hands after a game to show sportsmanship win or lose BUT I’m not upset if someone doesn’t shake my hand or my players hand.

    LBJ lovers should stop trying to make it seem like he is pictured as the villain every chance they get and his haters should stop finding fault with every breathe he takes. The man is a beast of a player…let’s just enjoy the game for what it is, entertainment and stop the madness. -The Real BostonBaller

  • HarmanSS23

    I agree with you Boston Baller, but on a side-note Lebron was also whipped for not shaking the Magic players hands after he lost in the playoffs

  • Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    Yeah they tore him a new one when that happened I say as long as you dont pull a Pistions circa 91′ and leave before the buzzer Im cool.

  • Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    Not leaving the court he was fined for not participating in the post game interviews. Right NBK?

  • jone

    jerks… that’s sportsmanship for you.

  • pposse

    its more about the way Lebron walked off against the Magic. They got the camera showing Lebron look back, look like he thought for a second to congratulate but then ultimately walked into the locker room. On the other end, Dwight was over there looking over to shake Bron’s hand and he also showed some sort of emotion when Lebron walked away. All of that made a story.

    KG and Rondo leave right after the game with their head down, no thought process about it. All i’m saying is that its not as cut and dry as other star players and then there is lebron.

  • Karin

    That was before the NBA stepped up against Homophobia.

  • hey

    since i’m a troll and too lazy to do my own research, may I just ask, did West or Hibbert shake the Knicks hands during round 2? if they didn’t, atleast they were consistent. if they did, then only Hibbert’s excuse makes sense (although just a little)

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk


  • James Robbie Owira

    The Warrior Code,the delight in the battle
    The warrior ethic and the masculine need to sacrificially serve a higher master.That higher master is honour for the guy who won(within the set rules) and for yourself (as one who played within the rules)The sacrifice is your ego.In a cultured society,it can be outwardly manifested by a shake of hands as you sharpen your swords for the next battle.Believe me,you wouldn’t want to have to shake his hand the next time out,given the pain you felt previously.

  • Max

    I wouldn’t shake hands with a bunch of floppers.

  • Big tee

    Hibbert be a bit of an over confident arrogant ass don’t he

  • Mike From Spain

    but they haven’t stepped up against Hoe-o-phobia

  • pposse

    I’m pretty sure Wade will hold it against them. He finds little things to try and motivate himself ie: Dirks’s flu during the finals

  • OneStep

    I think Hibbert was afraid that if he dapped them to hard they’d all flop and he’d be charged with multiple flagrant fouls and hit with another big fine. He’s lost enough money for one playoff series.
    On a serious note congratulating the other team in the immediate aftermath of a tough fought and emotional series when your emotions are still running high might be tough for some to deal with. I’d like to think that once he’d calmed down in the locker room that he might’ve gone over to the Heat and congratulated them later. I’d like to think that but I’m not sure he’s quite got the maturity to do that just yet.

  • Feez_22

    … Garnett and rondo left before time even expired. Rondo threw a towel at the camera pretty much in disgust. 10 secs left on the clock at that point so there was a thought process in that they weren’t going to congratulate the team that just beat them in game 7.

    Garnett had his head down but he left before the buzzer even sounded. clearly there was a thought process there in which he doesn’t even want to be present for shaking hands. Kind of an old school mentality with garnett.

    look for yourself… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q0yix25bkk

    They knew exactly what they were doing leaving the court especially since they left before time even expired. you clearly have to think about it to leave before the game is legitimately over but hey… i don’t blame them. they lost an elimination game. if they can’t handle good sportsmanship after losing an elim game in the conf finals so be it.

  • Rivera

    Keyword is elementary. It’s nothing more than a product of social engineering force-fed to children so that they might learn how to be graceful after a game. It serves no purpose on the professional level where performance, not western customs matter.

  • HarmanSS23

    I honestly don’t care if a player shakes another players hand. You guys may think what the 91 Pistons did was unsportsmanlike but I had no problem with it. You got to remember that in those times players weren’t good friends like they are today. There was so much trash talking ( a lot of it was probably personal) and with a guy like Jordan who is notorious for it, I would never shake his hand. I would never congratulate a guy for embarrassing my team while at the same time rubbing it in my face after a play. Its just how we are as people.

  • Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    Too me it just shows you were not as tough and thick skinned as you claimed to be. It shows that it got to you after and you lost the mental as game as well the physical one. Again it is just my opinion

  • Lloyd

    Yes because way back a whole 3 years ago, the NBA allowed “homophobia” from it’s players.