Steve Kerr: DeMarcus Cousins to Play ‘David West Role’

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr envisions All-Star big man DeMarcus Cousins playing the role of the recently-retired David West in Golden State this season.

In other words, the Dubs plan to run their offense through Boogie once he returns to action from a torn Achilles tendon.

Cousins will also be expected to launch three-pointers for the defending NBA champions.


“I think you’ll see us use him in that David West role from the last couple years, when David anchored the second unit,” Kerr said. “I think you’ll see us play through DeMarcus once he’s back, and we’ll put him on the low block and have guys cutting around him.”

Cousins shot over 35 percent from deep last year, an improvement on his career average of 33.8 percent.

“The other thing that we can do that we haven’t really had a big capable of doing since I’ve been here, is putting him in some high screens and popping him out to the 3-point line,” Kerr continued. “He’s a really good 3-point shooter, he’s got amazing soft hands, soft touch, and then he can pass from out there too.

“So it’s going to be fun to try and experiment with him and to try to find the right niche for him, and I know he’s excited and we’re all excited, but in the meantime it’s fun to watch Damian Jones and he’s come along and had a great start to the season.”

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