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Hawks Reportedly Interested in Monta Ellis

After losing Josh Smith to the Pistons, the Hawks have some money to throw around, and ESPN reports they’re thinking about making an offer to high-scoring guard Monta Ellis: “The Atlanta Hawks wanted to trade for Monta Ellis on deadline day in February. They haven’t lost interest, either. The Hawks, according to NBA front-office sources, have emerged as a serious suitor for Ellis in free agency on top of the deals Atlanta has already struck with former Utah Jazz forward Paul Millsap and returning sharpshooter Kyle Korver. With the future of restricted free agent point guard Jeff Teague still uncertain, Atlanta has roughly $10 million in available salary-cap space to potentially use on Ellis. Sources say that the Hawks have also given center Andrew Bynum some thought, but all the latest signals suggest that Ellis is the Hawks’ top current target.”

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  • Allan

    I thought they had Lou Williams at the 2?

  • The Seed


  • Dagger

    Wow, this would be terrible for that team. Someone should have told the Mavs and Hawks that when your pitch to a top free agent strikes out, you aren’t obligated to waste your cap space on one-dimensional players.

  • spit hot fiyah

    this is the ultimate head scratcher. if jennings and monta didn’t work out, how on earth will monta and lou williams work. maybe they should focus on re-signing teague first

  • OfftheWall87

    Bad move. Jeff Teague and Monta Ellis in the backcourt? They’ve done away with the core of that mediocre squad they’ve had for the past 4 or 5 season except for Horford. Bringing Monta in would send them right back in that direction.

  • lba2

    monta is much better than you think….the bucks was a travesty and saying the warriors got better after he le left is not the full picture..in 06 when the warriors beat the top seed mavs monta was their leading scorer the next year they won 48 games and missed the playoffs….the next year the new owner and new gm got rid of everybody like baron davis, Stephen Jackson, Jason Richardson after that the team had nobody and monta get the blame for everything wrong and please go look it up before you respond… and in his worst year in the league as a starter 42% from field career low he still averaged 19pts 6ast 4 rebounds and 2 steals watch basketball and stop listening to media before commenting

  • lba2

    lou Williams is sixth man

  • lba2

    great move for hawks if this happens

  • Dagger

    I could as easily tell you to stop watching highlights and start observing the entire game. Monta is a great offensive talent. He’s also an inefficient scorer and a terrible defender. Are those guys worth big money? Should they be signed by rebuilding teams?

    Of course not. They ideally serve as sixth men on good teams, where they can be hidden on defense, and where the extra attention commanded by stars allows them to improve their efficiency. Two good examples: Jamal Crawford on the Clippers, and Kevin Martin on last year’s Thunder.

  • Guest

    No. Lou Williams is not a starter. Lou Will comes off the bench as the 1 or 2 which is exactly why Atlanta doesn`t need to sign Monta who should also be viewed as a sixth man not a starter.

  • Guest

    I hope this is a false rumor because Atlanta does not need to pick up Ellis. They have Lou Williams and Korver coming off the bench already. They need a starting PG, SG, SF, and C. Horford should be playing PF for them. No offense to Ellis but team`s would get the most use out of him as a reserve.

  • spit hot fiyah

    no talk at all about teague so far. why doesn’t a team like the mavs for example go after him instead of calderon and harris?

    which me think that the hawks will keep him at a fair price since there doesn’t seem to be big demand for him on the market. teague probably doesn’t have a lot of leverage in the negotiations

  • Guest

    I agree. This move would be a head scratcher unless Monta Ellis improves his defense and 3-point shooting which is very POSSIBLE. Those are his biggest weaknesses. I don`t think Danny Ferry has made a poor move yet since taking over as the general manager in 2012. Ellis can score and pass. His game just needs some polishing up.

    Ferry hired Popovich`s top assistant of 17 years in Mike Budenholzer as the head coach. I`m sure Budenholzer knows a little something about offense and defense. If Atlanta signs Ellis, I think he can grow as a player under Budenholzer.

    Ellis is a talented player who was drafted straight from high school. He`s had some good seasons in the nba. In 2007-08, he played 81 games (started 72) and averaged 20.2 points, 3.9 assists, 5.0 rebounds and shot 53.1% with Golden State. In 3 other separate years he shot over 45% from the field (47.5% in 2006-07, 45.1% in 2008-09, and 45.1% in 2010-11). Ellis really only needs to improve on defense and be a better and more consistent 3-point shooter.

  • OfftheWall87

    Apparently, the Hawks haven’t been talking to him much.

  • lba2

    example of how once players get an opportunity to play their true position chauncy billups remember how he was consider a bust because he was always forced to play the 2 he went to Detroit with an opportunity to play the 1 and everybody realized he was not a bust once he was allowed to play his true position

  • roscoe

    runNgun ATL.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    Monta won’t sign here, he wants to play with a contender…He didn’t opt out of 11milly to go get less money with an arguably more worse team…

  • Guest

    It`s not just up to Ellis where he plays. It depends on which team(s) is/are interested in him and whether or not they will pay him the type of money he`s looking for. Ellis would probably want more than the full MLE (mid-level exception) which is around $5 mil.

    How is Atlanta worse than Milwaukee?

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Lol Monta Ellis was not the leading scorer when they beat Dallas. He didn’t even start for that team.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I’d like to see what Lou Williams can do as a starter.

  • piwifaquzehy

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    No. Lou Williams is not a
    starter. Lou Will comes off the bench as the 1 or 2 which is exactly why
    Atlanta doesn`t need to sign Monta who should also be viewed as a sixth
    man not a starter.

  • Basketball Coach

    agree, that would be interesting to watch.


  • Guest

    Then you should go look at some old 76ers and Hawks film because he`s started games for the 76ers and Hawks in the past. Lou Williams is a nice backup to a starter. There`s nothing more to see. The Lou Will starter`s theory has been tested multiple times.

  • don

    dude, monta is my man and all, but he can be inefficient and so uncommitted to defense most of the time. Not to mention, he’ll get bullied by bigger guards again. with that said, he is a very very very good offensive minded-player.