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Paul George Says Indiana Pacers ‘Should Win a Championship’

The Indiana Pacers continue to load up this summer, and Paul George’s confidence in his squad continues to grow. PG says that the Pacers are positioned to dethrone the Miami Heat and win an NBA title. Per HoopsWorld: “This year, despite the fact that the two-time NBA champion Miami Heat are once again the overwhelming favorites to win it all again next season, George believes the time is now for Indiana to take their turn at winning a ring. ‘We’re positioned really well,’ George sayd. ‘The only thing we really needed was the experience, and with everyone coming back together again, there’s no doubt in mind that we should win a championship.’ In this case, ‘everyone’ fortunately includes David West, whom the team re-signed this offseason to a three-year, $36 million contract. With him, the Pacers are one of the toughest teams in the NBA, and everybody on the Indiana roster knows that. Without him, it’s hard to imagine this team making their way back to the Conference Finals. Everybody on the Indiana roster knows that, too. ‘It shows how important the front office thought it was to get our whole starting five back together,’ George said. ‘It was a great experience for us to learn to play without Danny (Granger), but now with Danny coming back, he’s obviously proven to be an All-Star, a 20-points-per-game player who can play multiple positions and defend multiple positions. We’ve really got a lot going on right now, and I think our whole team mindset is solely on winning a championship this year.’ Granger’s return is equal parts enthralling and frightening for Pacers fans, some of whom are eagerly anticipating what those extra points will do for Indy’s often-stagnant offense, and others who already are worrying that Granger’s return will stunt George’s growth. George, however, doesn’t seem particularly concerned. ‘Even my second year in the league and my rookie year, we were still able to play off one another,’ George said. ‘I didn’t have as big of a role as I do now, but we still did a good job playing off one another.’”

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  • Enigmatic

    Still not convinced they’re better than an all-healthy Bulls team, although it certainly sounds like the Pacers are already overlooking them.

  • shockexchange

    The Shock Exchange was once well-positioned to date Lola Falana and Pam Grier at the same ____ time, but … oh well.

  • D_Nuggets

    They are SCARY. They did so well last year considering they are very young and they were without Danny Granger. With that high – low post combo of West and Hibbert, a star in Paul George and some solid wings in Stephenson and Granger (and let’s not forget about Chris Copeland who can put points up in a hurry and Luis Scola who still has a lot of basketball left in the tank). Look out!

  • RealRapRaw

    I don’t see it, especially if they have to match up with the Bulls. Out of all their moves they made they still dont have a TRUE point guard Derrick Rose will torch every guard on that team. And I’ve only seen Hibbert play well against a smaller Heat team.

  • pposse

    damn, Paul George needs to know his role and shut his mouth!

    In all seriousness, its summer time, your young why speak about championships and how the Pacers “should” win it? The media can put all types of spin on this story, and plus its summer! dont take interviews if you dont have to young blood!


    they have too many weapons that the bulls don’t. the only team in the east who took Miami to 7 games besides the c’s.

  • D_Nuggets

    I don’t get why people expect such great things from the Bulls next season. Not being sarcastic, I just really don’t… They’re a good team, sure. But better than the Pacers? A real threat to the Heat? I don’t think so. IF Rose returns as good as – or better than – he was in 2011-2012 then I can see them making some noise. But that’s a big IF right now… (I hope he does though, would hate to see him become a “what could have been” story)

  • LakeShow

    The East is very competitive now.

    Yes, the Scola trade and Granger coming back are significant. Lance Stevenson is going to be better. Chris Copeland is going to be better. CJ Watson is going to bring his skill set. These players do make them better, and they were already in the mix for the #2 spot.

    So i’m excited.

    I really hope the Bulls are right in the mix with the Nets and Pacers for the #1-3 seeds to really make the East interesting.

  • Feez_22

    The pacers are just gauging what they did last year against said miami heat without a key weapon of their own in granger.

    Besides… bulls fans may not want to admit it but the bulls as a whole purely from a talent level evaluation aren’t the threat the pacers pose to be against the heat. It seems like the bulls’ key players in the rotation are always banged up in some sort of fashion (I am not including rose in this btw. Noah has had lingering injuries for a while with his plantar fasciitis and so has deng with his wrist).

    If hibbert can carry his great play in the playoffs to the reg season, george can improve and granger can mesh with the new dynamics of this team, the pacers will be the clear cut #2. That’s just my opinion though. The bulls are a good team too but i question their health and overall talent.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    They’re better built for the playoffs than the Bulls are.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Only team in their way is Miami. They didn’t get the point guard they need though. So unless George Hill learns how to dribble and run an offense this summer, I don’t see them beating Miami in a series. Even without Mike Miller, Rashard Lewis and James Jones are still there. They didn’t even play in the playoffs and they’re also snipers just like Miller. If they get Greg Oden and he is able to play, that will be a plus. Hibbert wouldn’t be able to do whatever he wants with Oden out there. We’ll see what happens.

    And as always, before anyone starts thinking that he just offered these comments on his own, he was asked a question in an interview and he answered it.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    I think Rose will be as great as he was, if not better, but not right away. And even if he gets back to himself, they haven’t added that last piece that they need to help him get to the Finals. Jimmy Butler and Tony Snell won’t cut it. I see them maybe getting the number 1 seed again and being a great regular season team, but losing in the Conference Finals.

  • Bd

    Pacers are stacked. I think they may even snatch the number one seed in the East… Have a strange feeling that this is the year Lebron finally has a significant regular season injury :o

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Rose averaged 28 against the Pacers in the 1st round of the playoffs in 2010-2011…but he only shot 37% from the field. Paul George is better. Granger is back. Hibbert is better. David West wasn’t there in ’10-’11. The Pacers are a better team. Not sure the Bulls will be much better than they were during Rose’s MVP season. Paul George, Lance Stephenson, George Hill…they have guys who will make it tough for him to get his points which is all they need to do to beat Chicago.

  • bike

    They are a lock for ‘The Team Most Likely to Upend Miami this Season’ award. For dam sure.

  • LakeShow

    I agree, but the Bulls and Nets still can make some noise this season.

    The Pacers are proven, but the Bulls are a different and possibly scarier animal than them…as could be the Nets.

    That KG and Lopez front court is going to be nice defensively! Maybe better than Hibbert and West even.

  • LakeShow

    It’s all dependent on D-Rose, you are correct there.

  • danpowers

    i am truly scared of this pacers team

  • Enigmatic

    I can’t argue about the Bulls being banged up, that’s for sure. I still respectfully disagree and think the Bulls will be the top team in the central division. But we’ll see. I could definitely be wrong, and biased.

    For the record, after next season, Pacers will very much likely have the division on lock. Bulls will likely lose both Boozer and Deng. Even if they don’t, they’ll be a year older and worse.

  • Hans Lowyn Castillo

    not yet becoz lebron is still in the nba.. :D

  • Cain

    Name me the last team built around a scoring PG to win a Championship? It is still about elite wing play and big men. Kobe, LBJ, Wade, Duncan, Shaq, MJ, Pippen

  • Busta213

    Spin? They went to the conference finals and the team has upgrades coming in/back. Why would he have aspirations for anything other than a title? Theyre not the Bucks…..

  • jason

    this team has to back up what Paul is saying though. But still…there pretty good

  • jason

    they also have to back up what Paul is saying though

  • jason

    Also the Cleveland cavaliers have to get to the playoffs this year

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Exactly. It’s too hard for a scoring PG to carry a team that far. Too much work. If he had another guard with him who could also create offense, that may be a different thing. But star centers and wing players win championships. And that’s what both Miami and Indiana have. Which is why the Bulls can’t get by either team in my opinion.

  • dano

    Oh yeah forgot the bulls pushed mia to 7 games last year or wait was that the pacers or bulls. But with d rose’s yeast infections its hard to bet against the bull

  • dano

    Yeah still here…still flopping his way to the top…sad when the best player in the world (who doesn’t get call against him) has to flop like he does.

  • Enigmatic

    Not sure if that’s supposed to get a rise out of me or something. If I took the NBA more seriously it might. But meh.

  • Brandon Burton

    George Hill is a solid PG; is he top caliber? No, definitely not, but very few are. He is a good 4th/5th starter, he can defend his position, he can shoot/score, and he is at least an adequate ball handler/playmaker. For the record, the Pacers’ turnover numbers were mostly Paul George and Lance Stephenson’s fault, even though they were great overall.

  • metalhead65

    they aren’t and will not overlook anybody on their way to a championship. what was he suppose to say after coming this close to making the finals this year? I think we are good but not as good as the bulls? the fact is the bulls have to prove they are better than the pacers not the other way around. they are the ones who pushed the heat to the limit not the bulls. and they did it without their best player in Granger. if he is half the player he used to be then he gives them scoring coming off the bench which they did not have last year.

  • Alexis Rose

    Even if lbj still there he can not win championship by himself. Basketball is still a team game. And they are not the better team nowadays

  • Alexis Rose

    you are correct…why would a good player on a good team say “no we r not aiming for a championship no we can not win”