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Michael Jordan Still Dunking at 50 (PHOTO)

MJ throws down at his basketball camp.

Michael Jordan threw down at the age of 50 this week at his annual basketball camp Santa Barbara, CA. The GOAT—dunking in the Air Jordan 1 Mid “True Blue”—might be in his best shape since Washington.

Image from Michael Jordan Flight School via @YouBigDummy

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  • Lloyd

    Damn those kids don’t seem to recognize

  • Jonathan Faulkner


  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Too young.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Looks like he’s in great shape for a 50 year old.

  • Blarmac

    Geez, they don’t even know what they’re getting to see.

  • Kyle Lindir

    i’d take Russell westbrook over Jordan anyday

  • VladSneakerhead

    now yes,in mikes prime you smoking drugs kid.you just never seen mike play,lmao

  • VladSneakerhead

    no shit,its a shame man.

  • taytay

    fucking troll

  • Gene Martinez

    Now leave him alone, he was obviously born with an extra chromosome. It’s not his fault.

  • taytay

    Damn straight. This kid needs to wake up.

  • Jhizzle52

    he seems to be a swagfag…

  • anon

    MJ comin back just like he said in his HOF speech!

    …But lose the hitler ‘stache, Mike – not a good look, brah ;)

  • Max

    Don’t take things like that serious haha

  • SwagRat

    The shoes do work….

  • berms

    He’ll probably shave it off as soon as you stop typing “brah”. No more posting until you turn 16.

  • SwagRat

    His bball camp is called the “Michael Jordan Flight School”.

    I’m pretty sure they knew who he was when they signed up for it.

  • Junior Taylor

    I have always felt that it takes elite high flyers like MJ that much longer to lose their ups than it does regular athletes. Look at Dr.J, dude is 63 and still dunking the ball.

  • Vladimir_Poutine

    why cause westbrick is a hipster? quit watching basketball.

  • MasterSplinter

    Lol no kidding, Kyle obviously accomplished what he was wanting to do.

  • Sancheezie

    he def is

  • Jay L

    What has Russell Westbrook ever done that Jordan hasn’t? Wear platinum leather pants…that’s all I can think of. You look like you’d wear them too with that hat half off your head like David Alan Greer in Men on Films. Talk hypebeast fashion not basketball lil boy.

  • iceman

    your right russell westbrook is the greatest of all time, he’s won
    defensive player of the year, has five mvps, 6 rings etc etc etc etc etc.your totally right brah, oh wait…

  • EP

    This picture makes me think Mike could easily drop 10 to 12 ppg off the bench in the NBA today. We know he’s one of the smartest players ever. And he’s got something left in the tank physically. Am I the only one who thinks this?

  • The Seed

    He is 6’6, this is no big deal.

  • 23


  • Orlando_Flowers

    I absolutely can’t understand how anyone has their backs turned! Unbelievable… Kids… you watch this man play until leaves the court.. I don’t care if your what or who is waiting for you…

  • dannyb

    Dad pants

  • BugEyes

    Little man is tryna take mj out with an ankle sprain lol
    ouch that hurts

  • King David

    u probably wear leather capris with heel and nerdy glasses swag f*g

  • LP @ThisisEther

    15ppg in limited minutes….

  • robb

    If Dr. J can still dunk at 63 of course MJ can do it at 50.

  • robb


  • Craig

    How are u in the presence of Jordan with your backs turned?! I’m glad I was born in 88

  • playa

    No chance in hell,he would be murdered physically by lowest scrubs, just give it a rest, he was phenomenal player, now is a garbage owner and this is it like they say.

  • Ballbranded

    Damn straight!!

  • http://www.basketballmegastore.com/ Basketball Megastore

    Nice kicks.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    Can I live??? Let me dream.

  • Lloyd

    Just because they know a name doesn’t mean they know what he’s about. Just like kids who go to a school named after a great historical figure may not be able to grasp the impact that that individual may have had.

  • Guest

    I Wish People Would Please Stop comparing Other Players to MJ, especially Lebron… It’s like trying to compare Brady to Montana. You can’t average 17 ppg like James did against the Mavs and ever be compared to MJ. Just like Brady can’t lose to a 9-7 team in the Superbowl. Jason Terry called out James. He said he couldn’t guard him for 7 games. Jason Terry then lit James up in game 5 and 6. Scoring 27 points in game 6 with James on him. Stop it. MJ would have gave him 50.

  • Guest

    HONESTLY, They’re trying so hard to force LeBron on & down the throats of NBA Fans. He is not MJ, & never will be, so let it go already cause MJ never-ever had his heart questioned & never will… LeBron has & that’s one of the many Key Differences between the 2, No matter how many rings he win or records he break.

  • King Of All Kingz


  • King Of All Kingz


  • Busta213

    They said MJ was a ball hog who would never win a title….and yeah he got called out when he failed in big games.
    You just remember the made for tv movie-version where he dominated the L. It wasn’t always plain sailing for MJ.
    LeBron isn’t trying to be Mike – hes found his own path and has won his titles in style.

  • Busta213

    Youre talking about to go shopping with, huh?

  • Busta213

    :o )
    I think there are some legends who can still ball at a very high level vs. NBA competition….just not for anywhere near 82 games!

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Sergio

    Like bike would say, he is Michael f@cking Jordan.

  • Tony Taylor

    so what will Vince Carter be doing at 50, lol he still has a 93 dunk rating on 2k13

  • berkamore

    He averaged 20 a game in the NBA when he was forty (and played all 82 reg season games) so yeah, I think he could still play limited but quality minutes in the League.

    But he would be abused on defense though.

  • Evan Boland

    He’s a tad under 6’5. Call it 6’5.

  • Evan Boland

    The best

  • Basketball Coach

    he’ll just stain his greatness if he does go back though, he’s already at the top no need on going back down.


  • Shooting Guard

    kids nowadays are spoiled. Look how they’re all walking away

  • Mike From Spain

    That kid is doing the Bruce Bowen move on MJ… sliding his foot under the landing area!

  • TR

    VC still throws down hard in warm ups

  • TR

    VC still throws down hard in warm ups

  • JibbsIsBallin

    If that was Justin Beiber dunking, then they would all have their camera phones out and make a big circle around him.

  • Dfrance

    That’s the first thing I thought looking at the pic. How are all their eyes not glued on MJ? Ungrateful!

  • Dfrance

    Go Giants!

  • Dfrance

    Give him a little daylight he’ll still sneak one on your head in the game too.

  • Rayan

    Um, he is 6’6″ former professional athlete. He should be dunking at 50 years old.

  • SwagRat
  • danpowers

    wasnt george foreman still boxing at 50? lol

  • Lloyd

    1. Did you just use worldstarhiphop as a source in an argument?

    2. Just because they “ohh” at a dunk it means they recognize the greatness that is Michael Jordan? I mean if anyone did that there they would’ve had the same reaction I’m sure…

    3. The fact that some kids boo’ed when Jordan made the layup proves my point even further.

  • VladSneakerhead

    sorry i know you were not talking to me.but anything i write my source is me i watched the great play from year 1 in 1986 and on.and when people say LeBron is greatest player alive i know they have to be born in late 90s or 2000 cuz they know nothing,but still line up to buy he’s shoes with out any felling but hype.i buy and have same feeling i had in 1989 when i my self was able to buy a pair of air jordan 3 .so well there lol

  • SwagRat

    They’re kids, not idiots. MJ didn’t impact them as hard as Kobe or Lebron, but even kids knows that MJ is the greatest of all-time.

    And at the Kobe Camp they cheered on a kid that was facing Kobe. The kids in this vid are just cheering on the guy in the vid up against MJ.

    Okay look at this vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gyOU8dLQBs

    Remember this is a basketball camp, not “drool at the presence of MJ camp”.

    I respect your opinion and everything, but I feel as though you’re making a big deal out of “1″ picture of kids not looking back at MJ, but you fail to realize that these kids looked at MJ the whole day so the “star struck” effect wore off.

  • Lloyd

    Sure they were told that MJ was the GOAT, doesn’t mean they recognize how great he was and what he did for the game on and off the court.

    Hearing/watching highlights of a past event is different than seeing it live or being around when it actually happens. I mean Bill Russell is the greatest winner ever. If I met him, I’d show him a great deal of respect because I know he was great, but my hype for MJ would be way more because I watched him growing up and experienced his greatness first hand.

    It’s not a knock that these kids can’t appreciate MJ like the older geeration…it’s just a sad truth. I mean if it was their favourite rapper or ball player now, they’d be captivated every second.

    All I know if I was able to watch MJ on a court all day then I’m riveted for sure.

  • Lloyd

    Yea it’s true. These kids buy Jordans because rappers tell them to now. It just isn’t the same.