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Chris Kaman and Robert Sacre Bought a Cow

The Los Angeles Lakers may not be a very good basketball team this season, but they will provide plenty of entertainment. Big men Chris Kaman, Robert Sacre and strength and conditioning coach Tim DiFrancesco teamed up and purchased a whole cow. The 2013- 2014 Lakers, everyone! Per ESPN: “The three of them are going in together on a full cow’s worth of beef after it’s been to the butcher, or approximately 400 pounds of cuts of meat for their freezers. DiFrancesco, who has picked up the nickname ‘Grass-Fed Tim’ around the team because of his belief in the health benefits of eating grass-fed beef, came up with the idea after connecting with a farm that raises grass-fed cows down in San Diego. Kaman is getting half, 200 pounds, while Sacre and DiFrancesco are getting a quarter, 100 pounds, each. It was originally supposed to be a four-way split, but longtime Lakers trainer Gary Vitti backed out. ‘Gary Vitti ran out of freezer space, so I think he’s out,’ Kaman said. ‘So, I got to pick up the slack. I’m happy to, though.’ Freezer space was an issue for Sacre, too, so he did something about it. ‘I had to go to a Best Buy to go buy me a 15 cubic foot freezer,’ said Sacre, who estimated that the freezer and the beef will end up costing him about $1,300 combined. ‘It’s, uh, it’s intense.’ The trio of beef eaters scheduled the meat delivery to arrive after they return from the Lakers’ upcoming eight-day-long trip to China to play two preseason games. While the purchase sounds a little like a silly extravagance, Sacre and Kaman said the improvements they’ve had with their bodies at DiFrancesco’s guidance have been serious. ‘I dropped from six [percent body fat] to three,’ said Sacre, who was a second-round pick with a nonguaranteed contract just trying to make the team when he started working with DiFrancesco. ‘I really find myself having more energy and really always feel healthier and haven’t been sick that much.’ Kaman said he had gone six years without eating any beef — the only red meat he would eat was venison from the deer he hunts — before joining the Lakers in July and opening his mind and diet to DiFrancesco’s suggestions.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    i thought this was to rival kobe and pau, who bought a horse together. then i started reading and realized that the cow was already slaughtered.

    and sacre is at 3% body fat? yeah, ok

  • LakeShow

    Great idea.

    That stuff in the store is becoming less and less beef.

  • Enigmatic

    Mildly surprised Kaman didn’t insist on hunting the cow first.

  • Evan Boland

    As with all food, it seems. More chems less real food.

  • Will Lee

    DiFrancesco got a cut from the farm, smart businessman

  • King David

    as well as athletes nowadays, less natural ability more PEDs

  • The Fury

    Wish they let the cow live for a moment because that cow could hunt rabbits!! (looks over shoulder @ Shock) ;)

  • Rnz

    to compensate, he eats the meat raw…

  • Nick Holden

    Yeah, BF% of athletes are always exaggerated. 3% is unreal.

  • Ugh

    In his defence, trying to accurately gauge the BF% of anyone is extremely difficult. None of the commonly used methods will give the same results when compared, having been tested on the same person at the time time. As a result, which one is most ‘accurate’ usually comes down to which one your trainer prefers to use.

  • C.M.G

    If laker’s fans think Dwight is the worst center in the league, i would love to know what they about KAMAN?? lol

  • Dfrance

    Good grief can the season start already

  • Dundler

    So many death stares this year

  • LakeShow

    Uhm… What?

    Dwight is the best center in the game…

    He was just really bad for the Lakers last year.

    P.S. Kaman is a very nice center.

  • C.M.G

    dwight averaged 17.5pts 12rbs on 58% shooting….i dont believe you can say Dwight was bad for the lakers at all last year, and u definitely can’t name a center that put up similar #’s. if anything you can say mike dantonio was bad for’em though. dwight could play a whole HALF and not get one single pass in the post….thats unheard of when you have the best center in the game… P.S. I know kaman is a very serviceable center…..but i mean if u thought Dwight was bad last year for the lakers do you really think Kaman is gon be ANY BETTER??? don’t rush to answer

  • LakeShow

    So you think stats tell the full story?

    Kaman doesn’t think he deserves post touches every possession even though he’s more skilled in the post than Dwight.

    Dwight was ridiculously TO prone last year. He was awful with his back to the basket.

  • C.M.G

    Nope stats dont tell the whole story, just majority of it. In this case they tell you that there was obviously a problem in LA last year based on their record, and it definitely wasn’t dwight. If anything you could say dantonio was bad for the lakers last year…..very bad….you could even point out the fact that nash was injured all the time and when he was healthy he didn’t play anywhere remotely close to his standards….but to directly answer your question as it pertains to the lakers last year, the stats don’t tell the whole story ….they simply tell you that dwight wasn’t reason the lakers were bad last year…and he definitely wasn’t bad for the lakers.

  • LakeShow

    Gasol, Lopez, Duncan, and Hibbert all were better for their team than Howard was last year.

    The Lakers got the least good version of Howard since his rookie year.

    His numbers look fine because when your a 250lb skilled athlete that plays over 35mpg, the stats will look nice.

    Dwight was one of the main reasons for the Lakers lack of success. He wanted the ball on the post despite not being able to do anything once given it there, and that completely ruined the Lakers offense.

  • C.M.G

    how can u say he didnt do anything when he got the ball in the post though?? he didnt average 17.5 pts all off of rebounds and jumpers….he might not have a refined post game, but you dont shoot 58% from the field because you dont know what to do with the ball when u get it…..and if dwight played for memphis he woulda done better than gasol, if he played on the pacers he woulda done better than hibbert, and if he played for brooklyn he definitely woulda played better than lopez and his weak as* 6 boards a game….the only player you named that was better than howard on his team is duncan….put howard on any other of those teams though and he plays better than all the centers you named for their teams….hell he played better than all of’em on the lakers and they didnt even pass’em the ball….dantonio didnt know how to utilize howard…you don’t make the the best center league adjust his game to fit in your offense……you adjust our offense for the best center in the league…..something dantonio publicly said he wasn’t willing to do….i think u need to look at your coach….anybody woulda left the lakers if they were in howards shoes.

  • LakeShow

    I had to sit through the misery that was Dwight Howard at center last year.

    Bad teammate.

    Inflated stats.

    Terrible TO’s.

    Huge ego.

    Poor mental approach.

    The list goes on . . .

    He’s best served in the P’n'Roll, we all know this, D’Antoni set him up for success, yet time and again he demanded the ball on the block only to turn it over or put up some terrible “post move”.

    Feel free to think he was great last year if you want to though. It’s just ignorant imo.

  • C.M.G

    it’s like when a guy unceremoniously dumps a girl….that girls becomes bitter and never has anything nice to say…always talks down on the guy whenever she can and…YOU SIR ARE THE GIRLFRIEND WHO WAS DUMPED….and now your bitter….i get it lololol…i never said he was great….but i will say he was the best center in the NBA last year…..the only thing ignorant about these comments is your failure to see how the lakers coaching was inept last year. and with all those things you mentioned he was still able to get the Magic to the finals with nothing other than average role-players….and a vastly overrated rashard lewis. and what superstar in the NBA doesn’t have a huge ego??? and his stats arent inflated LOL….and he didnt lead the team in turn-overs…..kobe did……you dont know how dwight prepared for games mentally or physically, so to please explain how he had a poor mental approach??? with all that crying your doing about having to watch him for a year i bet you WISH he woulda re-signed lol… like i said if he woulda resigned you laker’s fans woulda been some of the happiest fans in the world….im done with this convo though….its hard arguing with someone who is already biased to begin with….

  • LakeShow

    I think you must have missed something…

    “Dwight is the best center in the game”

    Ooopsie… Nice attempt, good effort.

  • C.M.G

    im sorry dwight dumped you…im sure kaman will make it all better. and he was also the best center in the game last year on the laker’s squad…which is why i cant understand how u blame the best center in the league for their failures last year.

  • C.M.G

    i see u added to your comment lol, kaman shouldnt demand as many touches as dwight because he cant produce nearly as much dwight can….duhhh…u added to this comment hours later and still didnt answer the question LOL…and kaman may be more skilled but he’ll never be as good a player as dwight on his BEST day.

  • LakeShow

    I added nothing to anything you weirdo. Read better.

  • LakeShow

    I don’t get all weird about sports like it appears you do. I don’t take things personally or feel like I am in some way an integral part of the team.

    I’m just a fan.

    I posted last year that I would love for Dwight to stay and I meant it, because he could have blossomed in LA possibly. He chose not to. To which I say: Peace!

    I see that you are someone who thinks stats are more important than real life. It’s quite obvious to anyone with half a brain that Dwight was far from the best center in the game last year.
    He wasn’t the best defensively or offensively, so I don’t understand how he could be the best.

    Continue on your weird little life now friend.

  • LakeShow

    So do you not take things into account like Assist to TO ratio lol.

    Stop embarrassing yourself…

  • C.M.G

    lol great insult, prolly took you awhile to come up with that lol. i have no cvomeback. im done lol

  • C.M.G

    your supremely retarded. name one center in the league you would choose over dwight to be on your team??? and are stats some kinda fairy-tale now?? stats are real-life smh….im not bringing up stats from nba 2k14….and dwight is the BEST all-around center in the game….and judging by your earlier comments im suprised you wanted him back lol, sounded like u though he was cancer to the team….and he will blossom with the rockets and jame harden….your fan that felt slighted when dwight left for greener pastures….but your still a fan….i didnt question ur fanhood lol…..and if ask anybody other than a lakers fan who was the center in the league last year they will say dwight was…..key words were “other than a lakers fan”

  • LakeShow

    You’re** not “your”…

    I already listed who I would have taken last year over Howard…

    As I said, I would have taken Lopez, Marc, Hibbert, and Duncan.

    I can’t even read half the gibberish you wrote.

    Take it easy man, have a good one.

  • LakeShow

    I live in a world where girlfriends are the only possible way to be dumped.

    It’s very strange to take sports intimately like you do. It’s not a relationship you weirdo lol.

  • LakeShow


  • C.M.G

    LOL lay off the pipe.

  • LakeShow