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Andrew Bynum Considering Retirement

by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

When the Cleveland Cavaliers inked Andrew Bynum to a two-year, $24 million deal, his camp made a lot of noise and promised a bounce-back season.

Things haven’t quite worked out that way.

Bynum has been slow out of the gates, and doubts that he’ll ever be the same player again. The 26-year old big fella, increasingly frustrated with his oft-injured knees, says he’s seriously considering walking away from the game altogether.

Per the Plain Dealer:

Meeting with reporters in Pennsylvania for the first time after missing all of last season with the Sixers because of knee problems, Bynum said he felt as if he is a shell of himself on the court right now. He said he considered retirement after last season and still thinks about it occasionally even after signing a two-year, incentive-laden $24-million contract with the Cavs last summer. “I’m struggling mentally,” he said quietly after practice at Temple University. “I’m trying.” Asked what his goal is, Bynum said, “Just to be able to play without pain and discover the joy again. … Right now it’s just battling pain is annoying. I’m not able to do the things I used to be able to do and it’s frustrating.’

Bynum, who had surgery on both knees last March, has played four games, averaging 5.5 points, 3.5 rebounds and 12.8 minutes a game. He’s shooting just 28 percent (7 of 25) and has had a number of his shots blocked. After looking better in each of his first three games, he seemed to take a step back in the loss at Milwaukee on Wednesday, finishing with four points and four rebounds in 14:19. “I still feel sharp pains,” he said, “like after my dunk [in Milwaukee]. After that I went down from there. Still quite a ways to go. At the moment, it’s tough to enjoy the game because of how limited I am physically. I’m still sort of working through that.”

Bynum expects to suit up tonight and play in front of Philadelphia Sixers fans for the first time since missing all of last season. The discouraged center says that he doesn’t care about what kind of reception he gets.

Talk of retirement may be premature, or simply the built up frustration of a once-dominant player who can no longer play up to his own standards. Then again, Andrew Bynum doesn’t exactly sound hopeful about what his basketball future holds:

“I think I’m out of rehab phase, but I missed 567 days or something like that. Still can’t jump, slide or anything. I’m just going out and trying to play. … My health is my concern. My knees are my knees. They’re not going to get better, they are what they are. That’s really it.”

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  • ratguts

    not surprised, but WHOA.

  • Jeremy de Sa

    It’s sad but probably the right thing to do. He has never come across to me as a dude that loves the game so the motivation to get back on time must be even harder to summon up.


    Undeserving way to end his career, but he might as well prevent a mountainfall of future agony by retiring now. He gritted through those knees for two consecutive championship runs and both of them were caused by freak collisions. Extremely disappointing, he could have been one of the best post-Shaq centres.

  • JoeMaMa

    He made a ton of cash, and won two championships.
    Not to say that he should be happy to call it a career, but that’s a pretty good resume. Really unfortunate that his career is cut short, but from what I’ve read, he has other passions. There are silver linings here!

  • Fat Lever

    They say you can’t teach height. Need to add heart to that list too. His nickname should be the Tin Man.

  • spit hot fiyah

    speaking from experience, having to stop playing due to injury way before should if u were healthy is not fun at all

  • jmm

    He won’t let this get him down though, dude has a mad future on the professional bowling circuit.

  • bike

    He could probably grind out a few more years if he were to accept a reserve role w/ very limited minutes. Something tells me he ‘aint up to constant rehab and frankly I can understand why.

  • Dfrance

    I always said I can see him just walking away from the game. Even when healthy, his heart doesn’t seem to be in it 100%. He’s probably like a lot of big men who are pushed into the game because they are really tall and develop some skills, but never truly love the game.

    At any rate, knowing you’re constantly going to be in pain just running and jumping can’t be fun and must wear on you mentally.

  • Vince Gully

    Were the Cavs able to get insurance for Bynum’s contract?

  • D

    But why sign the contract , he had to of tried to play at some point in the past few seasons and realized he couldn’t do the same things he used to do

  • moose

    People hate on bynum so much. And as a laker fan I can see the frustration with tye bowling fiasco and the insistence on being a 3pt shooter (loool). But why do people feel they can ‘tell’ that he doesn’t love the game. The guy always rehabed hard, came in in good shape, showed passion and ambition. He was privileged to play with and under kobe and phil but the system and the way kobe dominats the ball (plus having pau taking up space and post touches) weren’t conducive to Bynum being able to show what he could do as the focal point of a team. All of these things are difficulties which compound the knee issues and make it even more impressive that he has shown a steong desire to return strong from the injuries.
    Maybe I am just looking at it different.

  • VanCityBBall

    man this reminds me of Brandon Roy in a sense…He too was climbing up the ladder in his position and about to hit his peak until his injury… this headline in general is hard to read

  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    nah you’re right. People just like to talk about the negatives.

  • Troop

    He doesn’t deserve to be in the league anyways.

  • Ugh

    I have a suspicion he worked a lot harder at basketball than you did, so why the hate?

  • The Philosopher

    At least, he is not delusional.

  • Coyboo

    Llike amare? Lol

  • bike

    It’s really not surprising for a player spending 95 percent of his time rehabbing compared to 5 percent playing, that he will wind up growing weary of the game. It has to be mind-numbingly drudgery to spend day in and day out doing supervised pool work, light running, nothing but knee rehab exercises, etc. and seeing virtually no improvement.

  • Fat Lever

    Let me explain from the viewpoint of a Sixer fan. We traded our lone all-star(at the time; Dre) for what we thought was a player who could legitimately compete for the title of best C in the game. We then built our team to compliment his skills, bringing in shooters(D Wright; J-Rich).

    He came in, said all the right things, talking about extensions(not hair), etc. He gets hurt bowling. Ok, understandable. Weird and almost unprecedented, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt(I say this as a contingent of Sixer fans).

    He(and the Sixer brass; who are not absolved from blame since they lead us on too) keeps saying he’s close to returning, when in actuality he was not. He never was.

    All the while he seems aloof, disinterested, and wanting the attention of being “The Guy” on the team but without having to play(the ridiculous hair styles).

    Then, as soon as the season is over, we see him on video showing more movement flamenco dancing in a 2 min video clip than seemingly what he did all season.

    This guy was supposed to be the man, talked like the man, but when it came down to it, just wanted to collect his $16M and walk away from OUR team.

    I have no sympathy for him and I hope whatever amount of fans show up tonight boo him without mercy.

  • The Philosopher

    I don’t know if Amar’e is delusional, either.
    I think at one time it could have been argued that he was delusional.
    I think he’s okay, now.
    But of course, I could be wrong.

  • meloMan456

    except Brandon Roy was a much, MUCH better player and actually put his all into every game

  • LP @ThisisEther

    Bynum has a strong desire to earn that paycheck so he can retire with a few extra stacks.

  • Troop

    It should be me out there!

  • C.M.G

    why retire when your getting 12 mil per to play 13 mins a game?? i’d say you give your agent a nice bonus….

  • VictorDeLaWood

    pay me 10 million a year and I’ll do all that TWICE a day!!

  • guest

    but unlike those big man he actually could play. his offesnive game was legit

  • Drig

    I’ll acknowledge that it’s not fun to always be hurting when you’re doing something. Be it your job or your favorite pass time. However, Bynum has never showed the kind of drive that other top players showed. And I’m not comparing him to Kobe.

    I don’t remember when exactly but he did say in an interview once that his passion was robotics/electronics and that he only played basketball because it was kinda fun and earned him enough to pursue his other interests wholeheartedly.

    When you look at it that way, it’s been a pretty okay career for Bynum. Won 2 championship rings. Earned a boatload of cash. Played for the Lakers.

    I hoped he’d make the jump and become the best C in the L by now. Too bad injuries destroyed him.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ


  • Carl marinas

    To sad =(( bynum is very good player

  • Theron Barry

    It might be for the best; sounds like his knees retired a few years ago anyway

  • The Mauve Avenger

    Amare is an injury prone player shoehorned into an offense he doesn’t fit into.If he was healthy and was with guard heavy team like Houston, Milwaukee, or even Charlotte, I feel like he would be more productive. The shooters draw double teams opening the lane, etc.

  • therichardkirby

    Anthony Bennet should consider retirement lol

  • PC


  • Devon Markee

    at least ya got 2 have some good seasons bynum

  • Stokes

    whocares.com texted and wants their post back.

  • Najee Fareed

    honestly i do not care

  • Tarzan Cooper

    who the fcuk are you people?

  • Dingo

    Hi Sad

  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    He was injured