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JR Smith’s Brother Chris Costing the Knicks $2 Million in the D-League

Chris Smith had the good fortune to be born in the same family as JR Smith. The New York Knicks, because they’re the perpetually-inept Knicks, are forking over $2 million for the younger Smith to toil in the D-League. Per the NY Post: “Point guard Chris Smith has become the D-League’s first $2 million player. That’s the amount Smith, J.R. Smith’s brother, is costing the Knicks as their 15th man due to the punitive luxury-tax system under the new collective bargaining agreement. No wonder Knicks owner James Dolan is in a grumpy mood. The Knicks’ horrid luxury-tax situation was the chief reason the Knicks owner put the kibosh on signing a temporary big man in the wake of Tyson Chandler’s leg injury. They would have had to cut Smith to make room. The Knicks have earmarked Smith for the D-League once that season starts Nov. 22. Coach Mike Woodson has admitted J.R. Smith’s presence was a factor in keeping him on the roster over another big man such as Ike Diogu. Though the Knicks haven’t yet reached the tax status as ‘repeat’ offenders, they are so far over the luxury-tax threshold, the last few spots on their roster are costing them a fortune. Each additional contract dollar is taxed by a ratio of 3.25. The Knicks’ payroll stands at more than $87 million and the tax threshold is $71.7 million. Hence, the Knicks are paying Smith his minimum contract of $491,000 and have to pay the league’s escrow account an additional $1.6 million in luxury tax, equaling about $2.1 million. Because of a favorable quirk in his contract, the whole sum became fully guaranteed on opening night.”

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  • bringbackthesonics

    are the knicks spending the most amount of money in league history to not win a championship?

  • http://signup.divinerenergy.com/ Anthony Dixon

    Melo needs to leave asap

  • spit hot fiyah

    or get them to sign his brother, cousin, uncle, nephew, grandfather…

  • spit hot fiyah

    brooklyn is trying to beat them to that futile record

  • LLC#12

    They really could have done with Ike Diogu.

  • underdog

    Oh, so this is the Nets – Knicks rivalry about!

  • Sizzle

    Read this in an article yesterday, pretty much sums it up perfectly:

    “Within the Knicks coaching staff, they believe Chris Smith doesn’t even
    have the talent to be an NBA Development League player – never mind
    worthy of a roster spot. One opposing GM called him “maybe the worst
    player in the history of the [NBA] summer league.”


  • ATL dynamite


  • anon

    Can somebody explain why JR has so much pull with the Knicks front office? He’s reigning 6th man, sure, but why does he have so much juice? It ain’t like his name is Lebron or that he’s going to be a franchise player if Melo leaves…wtf?

  • jmm

    It’s a tough year to be a Knicks fan… there’s not a lot of solace to be found in the fact that Ron Artest’s Ghost was out best offseason move..

  • Anthony

    That’s horrible…so they’re basically saying a REALLY REALLY good, YMCA rec league player is in the D-Leauge making $2MM.
    Any young player trying to make it in or to the L should use this story at motivation…smh

  • Anthony

    NY will be in the mix, it will be for the 7th or 8th spot, but they’ll be in the mix. Even if they just give the ball to Melo and get the heck out the way…He’s one of this generation’s greats…Ty Chandler will return, and J.R. once of the I.R. will have an impact.

  • Fred

    Yeah blame jr smith and amare stoudamire gets a total pass right

  • Vince Gully

    Yeah, I don’t get it either. I remember the Knicks tried out Stephon Marbury’s brother and the Kings tried out Artest’s brother. But this is the first time I remember where a team actually signed a dude just for being someone’s brother. While Steph, Artest and JR are all equals in the craziness department, Steph and Ron were way above and beyond the level of player JR is right now at the time and not even they had the pull to get their bros signed.

  • Dfrance

    He’s actually “only” making about $500K, the $2million is the total hit the Knicks are taking including the luxury tax. But I’ve seen him play a few times and I really don’t get it. He’s garbage and its not like he’s Melo’s brother or something.

  • jmm

    I hope so man. Last season was so promising, feels like this year has taken a backwards step.

  • JoeMaMa

    Knick fans: To formally lodge your complaints about this state of affairs, please head to a Blues bar in New York. Ask for JD. If they don’t know who you’re talking about, stick around. It must be a good Blues place.

  • retrobat

    At least Brooklyn has a shot. Mind it’s an outside shot, but better odds than the Knicks.

  • JML-G

    im sure he aint THAT bad as everybody makes him out to be.. prolly not real NBA material, but not worst player ever either

  • Chester

    This is a f*cking travesty. Dolan needs to go. We’re paying some scrub to sit there and eat away a precious roster spot. Sucks being a Knick fan right now..

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    i think the Knicks spent more than the Knicks about 8 years ago when Allan Houston was the highest paid player in the league, for 3 years, after he retired.

  • bringbackthesonics

    Wow. He was the highest paid player without playing for three years? The Knicks really are a special kind of inept

  • BugEyes

    Just the two of us getting overpaid just the two of us. you and i

  • brothasdontsurf

    I love that first sentence haha

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