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Brandon Rush Frustrated With Lack of Playing Time in Utah

Guard Brandon Rush suffered a devastating, season-ending knee injury last year. He sat out for nearly a month at the start of this campaign since he wasn’t mentally ready to play, and then Rush found himself glued to the bench by his coach. Per the Salt Lake Tribune: “He played again in games last week against Indiana and Portland but soon found himself out Utah coach Ty Corbin’s rotation. ‘It’s been really frustrating because I’ve worked hard,’ Rush said. ‘I wanted to be able to get some minutes and help the team out.’ Rush and Corbin met Wednesday morning before the team’s game in Sacramento to talk about Rush’s frustrations. ‘I had a good talk with Coach,’ the shooting guard said. ‘He let me know what the deal was.’ Corbin’s message: ‘I just wanted him to play, play relaxed and play without apprehension.’ Rush saw time again against the Kings and rewarded his coach by knocking down three of his four attempts from three, grabbing two rebounds, dishing two assists and coming up with a pair of blocks. ‘I felt good out there,’ Rush said. ‘I just needed to find that groove.’”

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  • shockexchange

    You know Pam Grier never responded to the Shock Exchange’s love letters. He got really, really frustrated by that. In other news …

  • Anthony

    Young Fella…leaking statements to the media about your frustration is NOT the way to go. (Being “the man” and having everything laid out for you from 9th grade to young adult hood really can warp your sense of reality, can’t it?)

  • Jerome

    Who’s Brandon Rush?

  • TriggaMan


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  • Duh

    If you cant get minutes in FUCK1NG UTAH, you probably suck.