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JR Smith Benched By Mike Woodson Once Again


by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

The Mike Woodson-JR Smith war escalated on Tuesday night in Charlotte — the New York Knicks’ head coach had Smith glued to the bench for the second time in four games.

Woodson refused to comment on the decision following a 108-98 loss to the Bobcats, and a clearly frustrated JR can’t believe ShoelaceGate got him in so much trouble.

Per Newsday:

He said he’s focused on “trying to fix what’s going on here.” But then Smith questioned again whether his future is with the Knicks after being asked what needed to be fixed.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” Smith said. “Take it every day, day by day and figure out what I can do to help the team. If I’m not helping the team, there’s no point in me being here.”

The Knicks flew to Indiana, where they will play the Pacers Thursday. Smith presumably went with them. But when he was asked if he would talk to Woodson or the coaching staff about what’s happening, he said no. “The communication from my end is over,” he said. “I’m going to show by my effort.”

Fans in Charlotte loudly chanted JR Smith’s name in the second half to no avail, and after the Knicks’ five-game winning streak came to an end, the embattled guard raised a few eyebrows by packing a suitcase in front of his locker.

For what it’s worth, Carmelo Anthony said he hopes this will be the last time JR is benched.

Smith is eligible for a trade as of today, but it’s hard to imagine any team being willing to take him on at this point.

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  • shockexchange

    In the Shock Exchange’s opinion, you don’t have to holler and scream at a player. The bench is the best teacher. Hurts doesn’t JR?

  • Lloyd

    The on court upside is huge with J.R. There are a lot of teams who would be willing to trade him. The Knicks publicizing their disdain of him just gives other team’s a small advantage in trade negotiations.

  • melvo

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been following basketball this year nearly as much as I used to in previous years, but for some reason, I can’t avoid hearing about all the stupid stuff JR Smith does. He’s f**king up way too frequently for him to still be a part of that team.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Accidently read JR Bench as his name. But I guess that can be his new nick name.
    That or Shoelace Smith.

  • spit hot fiyah

    please explain the huge on court upside. because if it was big enough he would be playing no matter what

  • RyanDeahn

    JR be like….I can’t leave the bench, coach has me on punishment, but lets kick it here.

  • Lloyd

    He’s instant offense off the bench and is still the reigning 6th man of the year. His numbers from last season and his play in the past two games really shows what he’s capable of contributing. I can see him doing good on the team like the Bulls. Hell, in previous years I wish we had him in Toronto.

    Personally it feels like Mike Woodson is trying to be JR’s dad. He’s basically doing what some high school coaches do when they try to prepare their students for life, not to play the game. He may be a goofball, but JR is definitely an important part of this Knick team. Who cares if he doesn’t take the game seriously if he’s helping the team win? Let him play, get in rhythm, and hopefully he can turn things around since you really need him to,

  • Fitzy

    Took this idiot in my fantasy league, guess I’m the idiot.

  • knicksfan

    Jr smith was averaging 18.0 ppg last year you dont think he has huge upside???, even though hes struggled a bit this year a good shooter never looses there shot he needs more minutes, benching his ass does nothing but pisses him off more. Coach Woodsen coaching technique is fucking terrible he start Bargnani over Amare even though Amare plays harder and actually tries to go to the hole, then he thinks its smart to bench JR, woodsen was stuck on JR’s dick last year when he was making shots but then hops off as soon as he see’s JR struggle and benchs him. THE KNICKS NEED TO FIRE WOODSEN, HE DOESNT KNOW SHIT ABOUT COACHING JOE JOHNSON MADE HIM THE COACH HE WAS IN ATLANTA, YOU COULD BASICALLY SAY JOE JOHNSON COACHED ATLANTA IF IT WERENT FOR HIM WOODEN WOULD BE A NOBODY. WE NEED GEORGE KARL TO COACH THE KNICKS THAT WOULD BE PERFECT.

  • Guest

    Well and dude’s hopefully slowly realizing that he’s not a good enough player for teams to overlook his attitude and behavior. Reality is a cold b*tch.

  • the rain

    JR can play in the club. When hes in the NBA he needs to ball. He’s a very immature individual. I read that he was complaining about Chris Smith being cut even. LMAO

  • Lloyd

    Thing is he is capable of balling and does so when he wants to. Being sonned by Mike Woodson does not make him want to.

  • spottieottiedopaliscious

    I dunno man players like that are toxic for a team. Just oozing their own poisonous attitude into others. I mean the fact that you point out that he can ball “when he wants to” is proof enough of how bad his mentality is.

  • spit hot fiyah

    he is inefficient offense of the bench.

    and maybe he needs to be treated like a high schooler if that is were his mindset is at. maybe woodson is trying to teach him a life lesson as fellow human being, is he the one to do that? that’s not up to me to decide.

    but my point is that if he really had this huge upside that helped his team win he could be out at the club every night untying shoes and he would still be playing. but he is not, for a reason.

  • shockexchange

    Exactly. When you leading your team to chips they’ll tolerate you. Otherwise, not so much.

  • Lloyd

    This season he is, yes. He’s been having a rocky situation all year.

    But he’s not though. He’s a grown man. If another man tried to treat me like kid, I wouldn’t take too kindly to him. Although his actions sometimes are childish, he’s not a child. Treating him like he is isn’t going to be met with enthusiasm from JR. Mike Woodson’s job is to make sure the Knicks win as many games as possible. Keeping JR Smith unhappy isn’t the way to do that.

    For your point about the club, I was watching a video on Grantland last post season where he got a bunch of flack for going out the night before a game. Jalen Rose, having been in that situation before, put it in a way most of us wouldn’t have thought of. I suggest looking it up, if not only for a different perspective.

    And his upside can’t be disputed. He was 6th man just last year, meaning he was the best player who didn’t start, and definitely better than some who did, in the whole league.

    This is a player being affected by his coach’s handling of him. If this is a result of Shoelace-gate, Mike Woodson needs to get over it. The Knicks are better when JR is better. Do what you can to keep him happy and the Knicks will succeed.

  • Lloyd

    His teammates don’t seem to have a problem with him. I mean Melo vocalized that he wants him back. The star wouldn’t do that if he doesn’t think you’re an important piece.

    He’s definitely immature but he’s a key member of the Knicks. Do what it takes to make him happy so that he wants to play the best he can (within reason of course)

  • Cartel

    Listen, I agree JR does idiotic things from time to time but this is getting to be a bit ridiculous. He played in the last two games and was a solid contibuter. There hasn’t been any reports of him doing anything stupid since. If he did, trust me, it would make it’s way to the media. Now here it is the team is starting to recover a bit and pick up some momentum. They had a back to back but were playing in Charolette, which could have been a winnable game if you put in all your talent. I don’t care what it is, when you’re finally playing like a team, the coach shouldn’t be benching a player they depend on, especially in the desperate situation the Knicks are in, when they’re playing a team they could beat!!!…Woodson seems to ALWAYS be mad at somebody. If it ain’t JR, it’s Iman Sumpert. Bottom line, they need to get over the shoe lace issue already and move forward already.

  • Slap mason

    reality is a warm bench

  • 23

    You really don’t think this is all just about the shoelace thing? I mean that’s what you’re trying to insinuate isn’t it?

  • Cartel

    I’m not insinuating ANYTHING, I’m saying flat out I don’t think it’s about the shoelace thing AT ALL!!! I had JUST finished mentioning that JR Smith had played TWO solid games AFTER being benched for the shoelace issue. So, if he was allowed to play ball after the issue, obviously it’s something other than shoelaces being untied to get him benched again…So, WHY THE HELL ARE WE STILL TALKING ABOUT IT????…Move on and get over it already…Tony Allen KICKING Chris Paul in the FACE wasn’t even an issue anymore after his 1 game suspension, so why the hell does untied shoelaces have everyone in such an uproar??? The whole point of my comment was about WOODSON benching a player that was needed in a winnable game!!! His coaching and decision making is becoming questionable (if it wasn’t already). He’s ALWAYS got somebody in the dog house. I don’t care how angry you are with a player, if that player can actually help you win a game against a beatable team, while you’re already suffering from a losing record that you’re trying to turn around, YOU BETTER LET HIS ASS PLAY!!!