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Danny Granger Signs With the LA Clippers (UPDATE)


UPDATE: The Clippers made it official Friday, announcing the signing of Danny Granger. From the press release:

The Los Angeles Clippers announced today that they have signed free agent forward Danny Granger. Per team policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Granger, 30, appeared in 29 games (two starts) this season with the Indiana Pacers averaging 8.3 points, 3.6 rebounds and 1.1 assists in 22.6 minutes per game. He played his entire eight-year NBA career with the Pacers. He holds career averages of 17.6 points, 5.1 rebounds and 2.0 assists in 544 games (425 starts) over 32.5 minutes per game.

Danny Granger went from being traded by the Indiana Pacers a week ago, to getting bought out by the Philadelphia Sixers on Wednesday. He will now ink a deal with the LA Clippers, according to multiple reports. Per the Indy Star:

Granger, 30, will have to wait to sign a contract on Friday after he clears waivers.

Last Thursday, the Pacers dealt Granger to the Philadelphia 76ers and the two sides recently reached a buyout deal, allowing him to sign with a team with title hopes.

Granger joins a Clippers team (40-20) currently ranked fourth in the Western Conference but boasts All-Stars in point guard Chris Paul as well as power forward Blake Griffin. Granger, a career 38-percent shooter from the 3-point arc, should fit in Los Angeles where the dunks and the 3-pointers fly freely.

The Clippers rank sixth in the NBA in overall shooting percentage (47.3) but could use a lift as sharp shooter J.J. Redick is out indefinitely and sixth man scorer Jamal Crawford recently suffered a strained left calf on Wednesday.

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  • JJ Jones

    I have the clippers as my 2nd option to make it out of the west provided that cp3,blake griffin and jj reddick stay healthy.

  • C.M.G

    If cp3 doesn’t at least make it to the WCF, he is officially overrated.

  • KingBenjamin

    Perfect fit and role for Granger.

  • LakeShow

    Nah, not really. OKC, (I’d toss GSW here too) the Rockets, and the Spurs are all legit contenders.

    Would LeBron be overrated if he loses in the finals?

  • LakeShow

    They were my 2nd favorite from the start of the season too.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Rockets, Spurs, or GS in the WC Finals though.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    depends how highly you rate Chris Paul. If he doesn’t make the WCF this year and the Clippers are healthy? my opinion of him as the clear cut best PG in the league, and 3rd best player will probably change.

  • spit hot fiyah

    very generous toss right there with g-state

  • KC

    In my opinion cp3 is already a bit overrated. There’s no doubt he is a very talented player but, he cant be the lead player on a championship team. His ball dominance also slowed the development of Blake griffin. Well… I wont say slowed his development but cp3 hinders some of the things bake is actually capable of doing. Look how well Blake played in cp3′s absence. The clips didn’t really miss a beat without him.

    Has a point guard ever been the best player on a championship team?? I would say magic Johnson but after that I can’t think of any. But correct me i’m wrong.

    Blake is the key to a clips run and is a much more impactful player than chirs paul. In my opinion the clips should have kept bledsoe and let CP3 walk. Bledsoe can do 85% of everything chris paul can and a few things cp3 can’t because of his his athleticism. Bledsoe is also younger, cheaper, and although he is currently injured, less injury prone than cp3.

  • patrick

    still don’t know why the pacers traded Granger. Turner is a downgrade?

  • 2chainz

    No excuses for Chris Paul and Blake Griffin this year.

  • 2chainz

    LeBron has two rings so he would get a pass as opposed to Paul, Harden, and Durant who don’t have any titles.

  • LakeShow

    I’ve been high on them since last post season. With Bogut and Iguadala healthy, I like their post season chances.

  • LakeShow

    Even if he puts up 20-12-3 with 2.5 TO’s on 47+%, and the Clips put up a legit fight?

    Who would turn into the L’s best PG then?

    I dunno man, it’s hard for me to put blame on him when their is so much talent in the west. As long as the don’t crumble, and put up a legit fight in the 2nd round my opinion of him won’t change.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Well I’m not saying he won’t be the best anymore, but I’ll be more comfortable debating it, and for the sake of argument, Russell Westbrook could be that guy, just not from a traditional PG perspective

  • LakeShow

    I can get behind that notion. With Russ it’s all mental. When he is there both physically and mentally, he is a legit “best point guard in the L.”

    I like CP’s mental game a lot though.

  • Metrobus

    Related to your question of “has a point guard ever been the best player on a championship team?” there was Isiah Thomas for the Pistons. Glad I could help.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    My goodness….I wish we could still see downvotes…

  • dk

    isiah thomas

  • spit hot fiyah

    i hear you, many people had them coming out the west. the thing is though that we are 50+ games in and they still haven’t clicked. they really miss what landry and jack gave them. speights has had one good game that i can remember. barnes hasn’t taken the step most of us expected. i think they stay in but there is a chance that they could miss the playoofs if they keep throwing away games and memphis stays hot. it would require phoenix to keep on winning at a high rate though, i think phoenix is the team that falls out

  • logues

    Chauncey billups

  • LakeShow

    You’re right, but here’s what I look to for solace.

    Blake should help where Jack has left a void.

    Laundry was very nice, but Draymond and Barnes should be even better to give Lee and Bogut space in the paint.

    They did win a lot of games in a row for a bit there.

    With all that said … they could crumble, but they have a punchers chance.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    yeah i do too, but he needs to win with what he has in LAC. especially if JJ is playing, that team is unbelievably stacked offensively.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Walt Frazier / Magic Johnson / Isiah Thomas*

  • LakeShow

    Yeah if his squad shows out and are healthy, and he still loses, I’ll be pretty hard on him.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    oh and this is the second time Eric Bledsoe tore his meniscus…..considering he’s only 24, he’s technically more injury prone.

  • Slick Ric

    Great pick-up for the Clippers.

  • C.M.G

    Chauncey billups was finals MVP for the pistons 2.

  • Castrovi

    I’m a LeBron fan and honestly if he makes it back to the finals he better win or he is a tad overrated. YES he does have two rings but also has two finals losses

  • 2chainz

    Kobe, Shaq, Magic, and Larry all had multiple finals losses and their legacies are pretty intact.

  • C.M.G

    You really can’t compare lebron to cp3. Chris has to pad his resume before that is even plausible.

  • KC

    You guys are correct with those point guards for sure! I should have thought a bit longer about it. lm still not sure you can win it all with chris paul as your best player in today’s nba.

  • KC

    I wouldn’t say bledsoe is more injury prone. Chris paul seems to have injuries nearly every season including a problematic knee. At the time they made the decision, Bledsoe was looking like a future star. If not bledsoe though, they could have used the cash to help build the roster. Collison and crawford could handle the guard duties.. Cp3 still is a great player and has marketing value is a factor as well.

  • KC

    turner is not a downdrade. You have to look at who danny grenger is today, not who he was 5 years ago. He has barely played the last 3 years and is a shell of his former self.

  • The Seed

    Cosign, dude has been getting passes for a long time now.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    That is nonsense

  • spit hot fiyah

    i really liked the blake pick. i don’t think it’s enough to off set the losses. having said that, the spurs don’t want to see this team in round one.

    check the post up, i posted a pick of the zorro i used to watch. is that the guy?

  • 2chainz

    It seems Im the only one that criticizes CP3.

  • 2chainz

    yup another deucebag to add to an entire group of other deucebags.

  • sim888

    Does that mean Lance Armstrong is an unocebag? :P

  • uqk

    Tony parker 2007

  • Sakari Heiskanen

    Paul needs some playoff success to legitimize his status in the “alpha dog” discussion (see: Simmons, Bill). Without going deep in the playoffs Cp3 can and probably will remain the best pg in the league (based on skill set), but you have to take him out of that “alpha dog” group.

  • Interdico Scriptor

    Have u noticed Hubie Brown calls him Riddick? When I hear “Riddick shoots so well…” it has different connotation. Plus, there are reports (Bleacher) Reddick’s condition is not not 100% understood, regarding healing time.
    BUT with JCraw back soon (mild calf strain), Barnes doing ok, Granger (possibly) joining in with the other starters… AND the LAC’s ‘Big Three’.
    In the plyoffs it’s gonna (as is always does) come down to coaching. With Doc (like Pop, genius at in game adjustments and late game plays ) + Alan Gentry’s O; it’s looking good.
    The fact that even the words ‘Clippers’ & ‘Championship’ – in the same sentence – getting tossed about in certain places is happening, is an incredible thing.

  • Interdico Scriptor

    Tell us u really feel. lol

  • If Blake doesnt show that he can continue his great play in the playoffs then i cant see how it would be CP3′s fault if they dont go far. He can average 25-30 pts, 10+ assists and 5 rebounds and be the BEST PG in the game right now (wich he is) but if Blake doesnt bring his A game then this team isnt going anywhere…
    Jamal Crawford is a streaky player. He has been great for them but when he is off in the playoffs you dont have that 3rd ‘star’ scorer on your team.. Who else is going to score points? JJ Redick might be injured, Granger might not be 100% or even 80-90%, Jordan sure as hell is not going to make a big impact on the offensive end, Dudley has been terrible, Barnes is streaky, Collison is streaky, maybe 8-10 pts from Big baby but where are the points going to come from when Blake doesnt play well AGAIN in the playoffs?

  • Castrovi

    True, but their ratio goes in favor to them because they have more rings than final losses that’s what I mean.

  • JJ Jones

    Yeah ive definitely noticed that lol. And the reason I have the cliipers as the 2nd favourite to get out of the west is solely because doc rivers is a genius at adjustment especially in the playoffs where as vinny del negro left a lot to be desired. If not for kevin durants improvement or knowing how dynamic russel westbrook is I would have the clippers in the finals this year no question

  • Pok

    How can LeBron be overrated when he’s the best player in the league right now? There’s no comparison to his “overratted-ness” then.

  • Kadavour

    if CP3 remains a consistent scoring threat he can lead any team anywhere. He is that good. That NO series vs the Lakers in 2008 is a prime example. He had Fisher and Farmar guarding him. No reason to not average 25-30 pts in that series.

  • Mike From Spain

    Based on strength of schedule, Dallas is likelier to fall out IMO