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Detroit Pistons Fire Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

Mo Cheeks has been relieved of his head coaching duties in Motown, the Pistons announced Sunday. Unable to meet the high expectations set forth by the front-office prior to this season, Detroit stumbled to a 21-29 record during Cheeks’ short reign. From the press release:

“This was a difficult decision for the organization to make but we needed to make a change,” said President of Basketball Operations Joe Dumars. “We have great respect for Maurice and appreciate his hard work.”

“Our record does not reflect our talent and we simply need a change,” said Pistons owner Tom Gores. “We have not made the kind of progress that we should have over the first half of the season. This is a young team and we knew there would be growing pains, but we can be patient only as long as there is progress. The responsibility does not fall squarely on any one individual, but right now this change is a necessary step toward turning this thing around. I still have a lot of hope for this season and I expect our players to step up. I respect and appreciate Maurice Cheeks and thank him for his efforts; we just require a different approach.”

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  • shockexchange

    In addition to Chris Smith, that makes two people Brandon Jennings has gotten rid of. The Shock Exchange hopes you’re proud of yourself Brandon.

  • spit hot fiyah

    not surprised. it was a terrible hire from the beginning. why did they bring in a guy with a bad track record as a head coach and give him an overlapping roster that they just spend a lot of money on?

  • OneStep

    Give a coach a team of point guards and small forwards and blame him when that doesn’t work out. Dumars should be the one taking a walk. He’s completely effed up in his job.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Joe Dumars is the absolute worst

  • spit hot fiyah

    there u are. i re-sized the screenshot for u

  • spit hot fiyah

    amazing that he still has eligibility

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Hahahahahahahah that’s awesome

  • spit hot fiyah

    so random, i was like wait what?! let me catch that

  • KingBenjamin

    Hire Lionel Hollins, he can turn this thing around.

  • spit hot fiyah

    that’s an actual rumor right now

  • ATL dynamite

    either nate mcmillan or lionel hollins would be great. t this group needs discipline, esp on the defensive end

  • KingBenjamin

    Yeah I know, hopefully they hire him, I think he’s a good fit for this young squad.

  • TriggaMan

    This falls squarely on no one, but they fired one person lol wow

  • Max

    Teach the how to play inside out!

  • Feez_22

    Rooting for the pistons is downright torture at this point…

    Dumars should have gotten the axe years ago. The next coach dumars hires will just get fired anyways. 2004 was 10 years ago. It is time to move on…

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Detroit has been an absolute disaster this season. Joe Dumars has just had bad luck over the past decade whether it be drafting Darko or the summer of 09′ busting on Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva in free agency or this past summer busting on Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings the only thing he did right was trading for Rasheed Wallace in 04′ which led to the Pistons winning the NBA championship but Joe Dumars time is up!!!!!

  • The Seed

    Joe Dumars is living off of the 2004 Ring, but from 2002-2008, the Pistons were during this time, made six straight conference
    championship series, two NBA finals, and won an NBA Championship. That was a good run, but Dumars after that has been making critical mind-blowing decisions staring with signing, overpaying for Josh Smith, Ben Gordon, Brandon Jennings, Charlie Villanueva and bringing back Billups was just plain idiotic. If Billups was let go from Denver, his homeplace, then you know his career is over. Also Dumars is living off of his playing days too, I would love to see Magic Johnson get a chance to assoicate with the Pistons, since Jim Buss will not let him be apart of the franchise. The Pistons will be bad for the rest of Josh Smith contract and Jennings unless they can unload them. Dumars should and I think will be fired sooner than later, he just gave himself some more time as the GM, by firing a coach, in Maurice Cheeks, I feel is a great teacher of the game and look at what he has to work with on that roster. Also they resigned Rodney Stuckey, LOL

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Obviously Joe Dumars is BULLETPROOF since he is a Pistons legend

  • Dfrance

    If you fire a coach after only 50 games, you did not do enough research and vetting prior to hiring them.

  • Pok

    Man these blood spinning procedure are really advanced huh!

  • ATL dynamite

    Agree with everything you said. Rodney Stuckey has been balling so far tho

  • DJ_BobbyPeru

    He’s the absolute best choice for them and their personnel. If Dumars doesn’t do it then… he’d be Joe Dumars.

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