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Arizona Destroys Duke, Advances to Elite Eight

by David Cassilo / @dcassilo

Simply saying Arizona beat Duke 93-77 would not give the Wildcats enough credit. Drawing on its superior athleticism, Arizona outplayed and outmuscled Duke in the second half, outscoring the Blue Devils by 22 points as it advanced to the Elite Eight for the first time since 2005.

As has been the case all year for the Wildcats, Derrick Williams did most of the damage on Thursday night. Supplying his fair share of thunderous dunks, Williams finished with 32 points and 13 rebounds. His versatility was on full display as his 5-for-6 shooting from beyond the arc tied a season-high.

But the difference for Arizona was Lamont “Momo” Jones. After not scoring against Texas, Jones tallied 16 points and dished out 6 assists, giving the Wildcats the second option that they have desperately looked for all season.

Meanwhile, Duke’s season of high expectations hit an abrupt finish. National Player of the Year candidate Nolan Smith managed just 8 points in his final game, and Coach Mike Krzyzewski will end the season still two victories shy of Bob Knight’s Division I record for wins by a head coach. The lone bright spot for the Blue Devils was Kyrie Irving, who, in what might have been his final college game, scored 28 points off the bench.

Arizona will now face Connecticut in the Elite Eight on Saturday. The Huskies defeated San Diego State 74-67 behind 36 points from Kemba Walker. A win for the Wildcats would give them a spot in the Final Four for the first time since 2001.

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  • Officer 66

    If Irving stays around for another year then Duke will win the National Championship next year barring a disaster. There backcourt will be much too deep and talented for another team to match up with them. Arizona simply outplayed and outrebounded Duke today.

  • http://www.theresastatforthat.blogspot.com Deron

    Duke got smacked and Uconn may lose by more! Derrick Williams is a beast! Who know’s what he’ll do in the NBA, but he looks like a man among boys in college. He should stay in school for at least another year to develop his already good offensive game even more, because he would be and slow small forward and a undersized power forward. He could be a better Shawn Marion. That being said, I think he can live up to Arizona’s tradition of pretty good NBA players.


  • bashmo

    San Diego State and UConn was a great game, Jeremy Lamb can shoot the ball damn well..hell be key for the Huskies from here on out. Of course Kemba did the damn thing too..looking forward to Elite 8 on Sunday…

  • http://shinefluid@aol.com just bcuz

    i mean what can is say? L O L that was a demolition. shout out to jalen rose

  • r2j

    Arizona destroyed Duke. I never seen Duke get beat that bad. Derrick Williams sent a message to the NBA and The Cats sent a message to UConn as well.
    UConn and Zona should be a fun game. Great wins for both squads.

  • add

    derrick williams had one of the sickest dunks of the season, and it was on singler!!

  • TSmoove

    Can’t wait to see Kemba vs. MoMo just like old times in NYC

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Duke got shut out in the 2nd : (

  • http://www.slamonline.com Mars

    Duke got punched in the mouth. Not many teams can survive Arizona playing like they did in the 2nd half. Feel bad for Nolan Smith though. Kyrie dont go pro.

  • Ali

    La Mirada Cali’s home grown kid killed them Dukies, Hahaha…..

  • Anthony

    i think kyrie should stay and improve his playmaking skills. as a kid from jersey it wud be nice to see em in da lg and it wud also b nice to see d will playn wit dwill lol

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy


  • http://theresastatforthat.blogspot.com Deron

    Arizona has a habit of making deep tourney runs when no one expects them to. Then they usually don’t perform up to expectations in the seasons when they are expected to go deep in the tourney. This team reminds me of the ’97 team that caught everyone by surprise. I feel bad for UConn; I think they have no answer for Arizona’s talent.



    Beating Duke will be Arizona’s shining moment in the 2011 Tourney, because UCONN will advance to the Final Four. Book it.

  • MattM

    Due to staying up to watch the Dukies get blasted I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night but it was well worth it. All that I need now is a win tonight from the Tar Heels.


    Marquette is gonna roll the overrated Tar Heels. Book it baby!

  • JTaylor21

    Irving should be on the next thing smoking out of Durham and go Pro. He had probably the best game of his career on the biggest stage, so why not strike while the iron is hot.
    Duke will be nice next year because they got the LeBron destroyer on deck.
    One more thing; Jiminy Cricket sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T-Money

    Damn, I didn’t know much about Derrick Williams cat but he’s NICE! And he’ll do very well in the pros – he’s not an undersized 4, he’s a 3 that’s needs to play 4 for them because he’s just too athletic. Kinda like Rudy Gay back in his UConn days or Wilson Chandler at DePaul.

  • el_larsen

    this is a good news

  • Ali

    We been knowing about Derrick Williams on the West Coast, Mirada, Cali’s own! Now the rest of the country know too, Hahahaha…

  • T-Money

    The Jimmer doesn’t suck, it just is what it is. The comparisons with guys like Mark Price, Steve Nash and John Stockton were way out of line. In the right environment, he could turn out to be a Eddie House type. You bring him off the bench for 15 mins a game and tell him to jack up everything. He hasn’t shown me that he can play the 1.

  • Ali

    We been knowing about Derrick Williams on the West Coast. La Mirada, Cali’s own! Now the rest of the nation knows too, Hahahaha…..


    Haha! Where’s all that talk of duke having the easiest road 2 the Final Four? Or the talk of Kyrie Irvings return 2 the lineup meant a sure back to back title for the dookies? Oh yeah. I know. Zona squashed ALL that talk! What a laugher of a game. Haha!

  • http://youngmclayton.tumblr.com MrABeverywhere

    Arizona did their thing last night (even tho they messed up bracket Had Duke playing my Huskies and then losing) however the thing about Arizona is that truthfully they haven’t faced a team with the type of guard like Kemba. Kemba will give the AZ guards fits, also Lamb & Napier are just as athletic as the Arizona front court so the difference will come down to guard play. We all know that without a killer guard you won’t advance far in the tourney

  • Bruno

    Arizon-UConn is gonna be fun to watch

  • Bruno

    co-sign T-Money about the Jimmer


    Gotta run, Skip Bayless is about to spit truth on First Take.


    Now I also know my Heels could get knocked out tonight as well. But I think I can speak 4 all Heel fans when I say that any year that the dookies don’t win a title was a good year

  • http://slamonline.com AllBall

    Jimmer is great, but 3-15 from the three point line?! 15 threes in one game?! To me, Kemba Walker is the best guard in CBB. He has some NBA ready moves right now, the up-fake step through and that step back J come to mind. The space he creates on his step back is uncanny.


    O yeah, FU*K DUKE! C u next yr bi*ches!

  • Ali

    Get physical with the BYU kid and it’s a wrap!

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    What Eboy said.

  • http://slamonline.com SG

    It’s obvious alot of guys have not seen D. Williams play. He has the speed, quickness, and shooting ability to be a star at the small forward position in the L. His biggest plays of the year have all been defensive plays. He should go no later than #2 in June.

  • hillbilly

    Has anyone heard from Dick Vitale this morning? For some strange reason, he stopped by the house last night and wanted to know if he could borrow a length of rope. It seemed like kind of an odd request at such a late hour, but I didn’t think……oh, crap.

  • Ali

    @AllBall…Still watching my DVR and that nasty a** CROSS-OVER, STEP BACK J by Kemba that sent Pitt packing. Gary McGhee just looked ridiculous trying to defend it.