Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 at 12:32 pm  |  6 responses

NBA Owners and Players to Meet Again Monday

After Saturday’s seven-hour meeting resulted in a relatively unknown amount of progress—if any at all—the two sides will get back in the negotiating room Monday after taking Sunday off. Some details via AP: “With a month until the NBA season, players and owners don’t sound much closer to a labor deal than they did when the lockout began. They’re so far apart on money they decided to leave it alone Saturday and focused mainly on the salary cap. They couldn’t solve that one, either. ‘I wouldn’t say there was any progress. What happened was, they put some concepts up, we put some concepts up, and we’re still miles apart,’ union executive director Billy Hunter said. ‘There’s a huge bridge, gap, that I don’t know if we’re going to be able to close it or not.’ The sides will meet again Monday – the day training camps were to have begun – though time is getting short to save the start of the regular season, scheduled for Nov. 1. Neither side sounds optimistic. In a seven-hour bargaining session, their longest since the lockout began July 1, the sides talked about one of the two major issues that divides them. Owners want a hard cap, or at least want a number of changes to the current soft cap system, which the players prefer to keep largely intact. The sides didn’t even attempt to deal with the division of revenues, the other big obstacle to a labor agreement that would end the lockout. Commissioner David Stern said he had nothing to announce in terms of cancellations. But the remainder of the preseason schedule is in jeopardy – some games already have been canceled. Regular-season games could now be threatened, too.”

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  • Danny_W_UK

    You all got yours. Now let’s do this.

  • Hornet31

    2K12 in a couple of days. Not sure many will notice if the season gets cancelled

  • respect

    espn will soon be reporting that there will be a season and how amazing it was for both sides to come to an agreement on a deal, i dont think the league is that dumb that they will miss any part of the season

  • Bmack

    Everytime I read these its like getting a punch to the gut


    Don’t get your hopes up thinking some new CBA deal is going to be struck last minute. The bottom line is the owners will eventually lose this game of chicken, when they’re faced with the reality that if the season is entirely lost, they’ll have to return the television money with interest. Then add in the fact they’ll have to win back the fans. Let’s see how the small market teams like those apples.

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    effing small market teams…Long ago, I had already resigned myself to the season being canceled so it’s been much easier to deal with the lack of progress.