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Contest: Win Tickets to Stalley’s Album Release Party

Last week we had the chance to play basketball with MMG rapper Stalley. This week we’re offering you the chance to attend the Ohioan’s album release party in NYC.

Tomorrow night, April 4, Stalley will be hosting a mixtape release party at SOB’s in New York City. Though it’ll be a dope occasion no matter what—he’ll be performing alongside a live band—the bearded rapper thought it’d be a little doper if a SLAMonline reader (and his/her +1) had the chance to attend.

We couldn’t agree more.

All you have to do to enter the contest is drop a comment on this post (please provide your real email address) that says who your all-time favorite Cleveland Cavalier is and why. There are no other rules or restrictions. It’s that simple.

The winner will be selected and contacted tomorrow morning.

Get to it!

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  • birdcantfly15

    Regardless of his cockiness, “the decision”, or anything else; Lebron James is still my favorite cavalier of all time. Honestly, today, he just doesnt seem to be the same guy he was back in Cleveland. He took a team whose 2nd and 3rd best players were Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden to the finals. His versatility is what really helped him carry that team. He handle the ball as good as some of the top point guards in the league, score at will, and his rebounding isnt to go unnoticed. If he needed to, Lebron could play and guard positions 1-5

  • http://www.boogiewilliams.com Boing Dynasty

    Remember that time when Stalley wrote a recap of all the free agent moves and it ended up being fuuuuuuuu#king awful, then he got ripped apart in the comments and his blog went away forever…

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ Think Tank

    My all-time favorite Cav is Delonte West. That would because he is a man of principles and priorities…like doughnuts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZukVN_djZds.
    Also, I won the Slam Bracket Challenge… what do I need to do, or who do I talk to?


    I saw that BD… lol

  • shakatheworld

    this is dope. I gotta go with larry nance, consistent, killer shot blocker and all around good guy.

  • Mike Fitzpatrick

    Mark Price is my favorite all-time Cav. From leading teams that challenged Jordan Bulls in the late eighties and early nineties to coming dangerously close to being a part of the epochal 50/40/90 club, Price was the consummate point guard and leader. Though the Cavs struggled in ’90-’91, Price averaged a double double (points/assists), the only time in his career he did so. The following year, he helped the Cavs bounce back and win 57 games. Price was always among the League’s top point guards during his career and had an incredibly successful stint in the league even with a couple injury-shortened seasons.

  • bike

    I actually did a lil bit of writing for him. I’m tryna get him some exposure. “Jake is crazy Lake is lazy, call me what u want but that ish don’t faze me. Say hi to ya mom cuz the trick just layed me. U can keep ya brother cuz it aint my baby. Ya mama jus finished messing with my boy Davey. Next up we gonna run a train on ya lady ooooooooow!”


    Some are easier to train than others.

  • Brandon

    Terrell Brandon!!

    He was a great player who was fearless. Its too bad injuries cut his career short.

  • abaci

    It’s cool that slam is doing this. not much of a cavs fan but i will go with Tyrone Corbin, because i had a buddy named Tyrone. Don’t pick me to win though, there is no way i can make it to NYC.

  • bike

    I had a buddy named Tyrone too. A pen pal actually. He was from San Quentin. Weird coincidence.

  • abaci

    Turns out we may be related

  • DFrance21

    I’ll go with Brad Daugherty because he’s a 7 foot Black man that loves Nascar.

  • Dre

    Other than Lebron cuz he did some foul stuff leaving Id say MARK PRICE. He played for da Cavs 9 seasons, and he came out back when i was old enough to understand the game. He also was automatic with the trey ball and he still might be the NBA all time freethrow percentage shooter, even with Nash, Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, etc playing after him. He truly was a BOSS!

  • robtibbs

    Darius Miles. Only there for a season and a half, but he’s fun to watch play. Also had some great Jordan retros (White/Orange IXs)

  • JB

    My favorite Cleveland Cavalier of all time is LeBron James. Love em’ or hate em’ that man could straight up BALL. Lets face it, he took a team of misfits to the NBA Finals. He never got them a ring, but he gave them more highlights then all the other former Cavaliers combined. The dude is a human triple double, name another player who can pass, shoot, dribble, and finish at the rim like Bron…U CANT!

  • http://www.MrBruCru.blogspot.com Zakiry Matias

    My favorite Cav was Craig Ehlo. For being in that Great Jordan Poster for “The Shot”. Game Over.

  • Skye Colding

    Kyrie Irving…I really like how he stands strong coming back from injury. He did his best. Also…. Stalley you will have a wonderful show. I’m wishing him well and blessings!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!

  • Rico

    Favorite Cav HAS to be Dajuan Wagner. Yes, he’s a personal acquaintance of mine, but because of that I can verify that he is a class act. Hes never had even a sip of alcohol, never done a single drug, and never had any legal trouble. Aside from being a McDonalds All American, scoring 100pts in a 32 minute high school game, and being a lotto pick, he also carried the Cleveland squad through the tanking season before LeBron. If not for being plagued with colitis and bad knees, I’m confident Juanny would still be producing in the league.

  • Naviii

    Kyrie Irving he is real
    pick me
    Stalley 330

  • pacmac

    Saw dude at fader fort at sxsw, he killed the stage eventhough the crowd was wack. Favorite Cav hands down bron, bron + 20 wins, a conference champ, new advertisers, new logo, new uni’s, new swag all in 1st 3 years in tha L, DOPE.

  • Damiete

    Even after the debacle of the decision, I’d have to say LBJ. Before his arrival that franchise was on the brink of disaster, after 7 long years including numerous playoff appearances and trips to the finals he gave it all he had and allowed that city and franchise to reach heights never reached before, but obviously needed a lil more help. Aside from the jokes of him melting in crunch time, he will most likely go down as one of the most talented and polarizing figures in not only basketball, but all of proffesional sports.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Tzvi Twersky

    Thanks for all of your comments. The winner has been contacted.