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2012-13 SLAM NCAA Preview

One season after UK captured the Championship, Louisville is hoping to keep the title in-state.

by Michael Bradley / @DailyHombre

Now that Coach Cal has won a Championship at Kentucky, expect every coach in the country to go with a bunch of 18-year-olds every year. Juniors and seniors will be relegated to the scout team. Curfew will be at 10 a.m., and pre-game film sessions will include clips from SpongeBob.

Well, not quite. Calipari’s style has been validated, but not everyone can attract four or five elite freshmen each year. So, the rest of college ball will continue its business while Cal stays young at heart. Meanwhile, across the state, Louisville’s Rick Pitino is plotting his revenge for last year’s Final Four loss to UK. A national title would be pretty cool payback.

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  • laos

    Couldn’t help noticing: Of the 14 players on the first 8 pictures (teams), 8 are white. Yes, small sample size, these players are just a select few on teams, this is someones subjective selection, the prediction might not become true etc. And I don’t mean to be racist, but the very black sport of basketball is getting whiter?

  • jtm in Lexington.

    Let’s see, of the player being “featured” in twenty pictures, five are white. That’s twenty-five percent. Probably about the percentage of white players on top division one teams. And, no, the sport is not getting whiter. You, however, just might benefit from looking at things a little less racially.