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The Oak man returns

The toughest front office in the NBA is now the Charlotte Bobcats. Second place is who cares this competition is over.

by Sam Rubenstein

Are the Charlotte Bobcats trying to become my favorite team? Word has it they’ve just hired Charles Oakley for some kind of front office position to go along with his not as tough buddy Michael Jordan. I assume MJ is the one that hired him, and if so then he’s got a serious head start on the executive of the year race.

Oak and DoylePeople joke about Jordan’s gambling and how Oakley is his enforcer and bodyguard. This photo on the left is from Doyle Brunson’s website. If that name is familiar to you it’s because of the movie Rounders and Matt Damon’s character babbling on and on about him. To this day I refuse to play poker with someone that has read that damn Super System book. Charles Oakley has hung out with the guy that literally wrote the book on poker. I rest my case.

As for the Bobcats, Adam Morrison now has a pretty strong mentoring system in place. That is, if he can survive those two making fun of him and calling him all kinds of names (such as you flaming f-). Luckily Adam is not the crying type. Uh… sorry, but I had to make that joke. He’ll be fine. Charlotte had a lot of injuries last season, but those guys better get out there and play, or else…

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  • Drew

    I pitty the fool who punks Adam Morrison because eventually the game ends, you have to come out of the locker room and Oak’s gonna be waiting for you..

  • Pablo Favarel

    Man, I love this move. Oak always deserved a spot in some team. He´s an old school type of guy, just like MJ. He doesn´t buy any of the “new NBA” where if u touch somebody it´s an automatic free throw (Nowitzky anyone?). It´s good for the league to have this fellas back, so the NBA doesn´t become the softest basketball league in the world overnight…

  • Mighty

    they should add DAVE KORZINE also haha! old school bulls 86!

  • Linda

    Charles Oakley is the best from a females perspective.

  • bigmike407

    Is Bill Cartwright coming on as shooting coach next? Or is Craig Hodges gonna teach ‘em how to play defense? Oakley is that dude, though. He can work with Okafor and Shawn May so the Bobcats should hold it down in the paint by next year.