A Rock Worth Protecting

by Chris O’Leary

What do you get when you mix the creative talents of some top graphic artists with the flavor of K1X? A limited-edition run of stylish basketballs that are cool enough to sit on display in your living room.

K1X’s 4-E collection consists of four basketballs-turned-art-pieces, from the hands of what K1X is calling “four distinguished icons from the realm of graphic art.” Each artist involved has worked with the one of the four elements, breaking it down as follows:

Marok (water), Bill Mc Mullen (fire), Mode2 (earth) and Frank 151 featuring Stay High 149 (air).

First up, we’ve got imagery of Marok’s water-themed ball. The artist explains his inspiration for his creation (which takes visual inspiration from the movie Tron) below:

Set for a November 2009 release in selected retail outlets only, there will be a run of only 444 balls. K1X is releasing imagery of each ball individually. We’ll keep you posted on the next release.

Check K1X’s site for more info.

K1X Basketball