Andre Miller Doesn’t Care If He’s Traded

by February 03, 2011

‘Dre Miller isn’t exactly begging to stay in Portland; he tells FanHouse that it doesn’t matter to him what the Blazers do by the trade deadline: “It was Miller who said in December 2009, when his name was in trade rumors, that Portland is ‘where I want to be” and he’s ‘comfortable.’ He’s no longer that gung-ho about sticking around. ‘I don’t really care, really,’ Miller said. ‘You know what I’m saying? I would like to stay put, but it’s a business and anything can happen.’ When asked if he believes there’s a decent chance he’ll be moved by the Feb. 24 trade deadline, Miller said, ‘Yeah. Yeah.’ ‘There’s a chance,’ Miller said. ‘A lot of guys can get moved. Where? I don’t know. At this point, hopefully it’s not a team that’s rebuilding. I wouldn’t want to go back to like a Philly situation … I just take it as a positive,’ Miller said. ‘There’s 30 teams, and I’ve been with five … The main thing is just to keep contributing. Any team I’m going to be with, I’m going to take pride in.'”