Andrew Bynum: ‘It’s Good to Know Everybody Wants Me’

The LA Times caught up with Andrew Bynum during his busy summer — he’s boxing, and learning to play the piano, among other things — who shrugs at any trade speculation: “Q: Ron Artest said he will play overseas during the lockout. Another team is trying to lure Kobe Bryant. Do you want to play over there? A: ‘No, I’ll stay here and stay in shape. [The lockout] seems bad, but I don’t think anyone wants to lose games. Player salaries aren’t the issue as much as people buying teams and arenas that have been devalued by the things that are part of everyone’s life now. We might miss training camp, but I think the season will start on time.’ Q: How have you endured speculation you’ll be traded, or replaced next year by free agent Dwight Howard? A: ‘It’s good to know everybody wants me; that means I’ll be in this game for some time. I like L.A., and don’t want to go anywhere else. It’d be good to stay in one place your whole career, and the Lakers are the most storied franchise in the league, everyone knows who the Lakers are, and I appreciate the Lakers’ love.’ Q: It sounds as if you’ve resolved to make fans forget how this last season ended? A: ‘I want to be the best player I can be. Having some successes, but not having them talked about, or having them overshadowed by other things … I’m past that. It’s all about winning championships. Working hard is the most important thing. People remember you only if you win. Period.”