Andrew Bynum on the Spurs: ‘Starters Definitely Quit’

by March 07, 2011

Andrew Bynum dominated in the Lakers‘ blowout victory against the Spurs, leading him to conclude that San Antonio’s players eventually quit. The LA media then took the quote and gloated with it. From the Times: “In a town noted for having no quit, Andrew Bynum added yet more embarrassing commentary on San Antonio’s collapse. He said the Spurs’ ‘starters definitely quit.’ They were certainly no match for the Lakers’ size. Bynum and those in attendance (Jerry Buss, Jim Buss, Magic Johnson and George Lopez) were probably too much for these quitters. The Spurs’ starters combined to score 29 points, and although Bynum scored only four — a dunk to start the first half and another to start the second half — he took only two shots. It was his energy, his 17 rebounds for a second consecutive game and three blocked shots that seemed to take the zip right out of the Spurs, who had won 22 straight at home. The Spurs could counter only with Tim Duncan — who appears ready to make the transition to church league basketball — and a short, fat guy in DeJuan Blair, whose head stands as tall as Bynum’s belly button. As Duncan put it later, ‘I think [Bynum] was a key to the game, his offensive rebounds, a bunch of second shots, and defensively he bothered a lot of people in the lane. Just his size was definitely the difference.'”