Andrew Bynum Was Pulled Over for Speeding

by December 29, 2011

Andrew Bynum, currently suspended for the Lakers’ first 4 games of the season, was pulled over twice in the last couple of days (once for speeding.) Reports the LA Times: “Lakers center Andrew Bynum was pulled over twice in the last two days and cited for speeding and equipment deficiencies by the California Highway Patrol, according to CHP officer Christian Cracraft. On Tuesday, Bynum’s Porsche 911 was pulled over by the CHP on Interstate 405 near the La Tijera Boulevard exit, Cracraft said. Bynum was cited for driving without a license plate and improper lighting equipment and issued a fix-it ticket, which gives him 60 days to repair the deficiencies. On Wednesday, Bynum was pulled over again on the 405 and issued a ticket for speeding, Cracraft said. He will have to appear in court in about 60 days. Bynum’s car was spotted last summer stretched across two handicapped parking spaces at a grocery store in Westchester, though he did not receive a ticket.”