Are the Miami Heat Against ‘Basketball Wives’?

According to a cast member of the ridiculous show, the Heat have banned their players and the wives from appearing on it: “LM: ‘We’ve always heard rumors about: the infidelity, the groupies and the drama that goes on behind the scenes. Do you think that the NBA and the players are upset that you ladies are shedding light on the reality of what goes on behind closed doors?’ SK: ‘Not just the players but the whole entire NBA HATES this show. People always say why is this show called Basketball Wives when most of you aren’t even wives. But I’m going to tell you the truth, if all of us were wives the “men” would not let us do the show. Jen is married and her husband’s not happy about the show. Shaunie, of course is getting a divorce and Matt Barnes is livid about the whole thing! I really don’t know why he even signed on if he was going to be pissed about it. But yeah, it’s bad. The NBA hates it. I heard that the Miami Heat has put restrictions on the players and their wives: they are not allowed to do it. The wives are not allowed to be apart of the show at ALL. And I personally think that the entire NBA may put restrictions on any wife, girlfriend or player from being apart of the show. You know obviously, if the players are not allowed to do it, then they are NOT going to allow their women to do it.’ I reached out to Miami Heat assistant director of sports media relations Michael Lissack to confirm the restrictions and he stated: ‘I’m not going to make a comment on anything about that show“’

(h/t SbB)