Shaq Doesn’t Want His Name in ‘Basketball Wives’

According to TMZ, O’Neal’s lawyers have informed his ex-wife that she better not utter his name on her terrible new reality TV show: “Shaq’s lawyer has fired off a letter to the network — obtained by TMZ — in which he demands VH1 immediately halt production on ‘any further episodes of ‘Basketball Wives’ which make any reference to Mr. O’Neal.’ Shaq’s lawyer claims Shaunie signed a confidentiality agreement at some point in their relationship — so if she says anything about Shaq on TV, she and the production company will find their asses in court. The first episode of the show already ran last week and show #2 — which reportedly features a scene centered around Shaunie’s relationship with Shaq  — is scheduled to run Sunday. Sources close to the show tell us it’s unclear whether or not the next episode will make air.”