Matt Barnes: Still Mad About Last Year

by November 05, 2009

Matt is on a better team this year, and he’s a richer man, but he wishes the “real Suns” had been around last year when he worked in Phoenix: “As happy he is for his friends, Barnes admits being ‘bitter’ about the Suns’ about-face regarding their style of play. ‘It’s frustrating, very frustrating,’ Barnes said. ‘Everybody’s talking about this team being old and doesn’t have it. It’s the same team we had last year, and now they lead the league in scoring, shooting and 3-point percentage. That’s what I thought I was going into … That first half of the season, with Porter trying to change everything, put a (damper) on my season and the team’s. Getting Alvin (Gentry) back at the end was great. No disrespect to Porter, it was just the wrong coach and the wrong system.”‘