Beef Between Chandler and Wallace?

Tyson took exception to Gerald questioning the heart of certain players on his own team: “The night before, after an 8-point loss to Utah, Wallace had called out Chandler and Boris Diaw for their poor work on the glass. ‘The 4 and the 5 [positions] got eight rebounds,’ Wallace said. ‘Individually, we’re not taking pride in defensive assignments. We’re not taking pride in helping teammates.’ When asked how the Bobcats could fix their problem, Wallace responded, ‘Can you fix somebody’s heart? That’s a personal thing.’ So when Chandler played his most productive game of the season a mere 24 hours later, the natural assumption was that Chandler had been motivated by Wallace’s criticism. But the 7-1 center said that wasn’t the case. He didn’t appreciate being singled out (along with Diaw). ‘I think it’s bull personally,’ said Chandler, who matched his season-high with 13 points. ‘When you lose and play like we do, you can’t say that someone else is the problem. I don’t feel like we’re good enough to point fingers.”’