Ben Simmons Says ‘Hack-a-Ben’ Strategy Won’t ‘Happen For Much Longer’

by November 30, 2017
ben simmons hack-a-ben free throw

Sixers rookie Ben Simmons‘ weakness from the free-throw line was exposed when the Wizards deployed a “Hack-a-Ben” strategy late in the game on Wednesday.

Washington sent Simmons to the line an NBA-record 24 times in the fourth quarter. He made just 12.

After the Sixers’ 118-113 win, Simmons vowed that “Hack-a-Ben” won’t “happen for that much longer.”

Were you glad your coach kept you in?


Simmons: “Yeah, of course. I mean, I never want to come out of a situation like that. He knows my mentality. I’m not scared to take the free throws.”


Did you think he was going to take you out?


Simmons: “No.”


What can you learn from going through “Hack-a-Ben”?


Simmons: “It’s not going to happen for that much longer. You know I’m going to knock them down.”

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