Beno Udrih Prefers to Remain a New York Knick

by January 24, 2014

He didn’t exactly deny that he made a trade request, but Beno Udrih did state that his “first option” would be to stay with the Knicks. But if he gets dealt, the 31-year old backup guard likely wouldn’t be devastated. Per the NY Post:

Udrih didn’t play in the 110-106 loss to the Sixers’ on Wednesday and played three minutes versus the Nets on Monday, but sounded as if he wants it to work out in the Big Apple.

“Yeah, that’s my first option,’’ Udrih said. “There’s a lot of options out there for everybody. I’m a Knick. I want to be here. I think the team has more than enough talent to succeed. We just got to get it together and do our job.’’

“I’m a Knick,’’ said Udrih, who won two titles with the Spurs. “I’ve always been professional. I’m going to stay professional. Whatever happens outside the basketball court, it’s not in my power. If something happens, it happens. But right now I’m a Knick, wearing a Knick uniform, staying in shape.’’