Blake Griffin Open To Be In Dunk Contest

As a matter of fact, it’d be a sin for the NBA not to invite Griffin to participate in the Dunk Contest in L.A. From FanHouse: ‘A good many of those shots have been dunks, prompting Nuggets coach George Karl to say Griffin “leads the league in dunks (and) might for the next 10 years.’ In fact, it sometimes looks like a dunk contest for Griffin. With that in mind, Griffin said he wouldn’t mind competing in the dunk event during All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles. ‘If they ask me to do it, I’ll do it,’ Griffin said. No rookie has played in an NBA All-Star Game since Houston’s Yao Ming in 2002-03, and he wasn’t even a 20-10 guy that season. But Griffin didn’t disagree when suggested it would be difficult to earn such a berth due to the Clippers’ record.”