Brendan Haywood Addresses the Donte Stallworth Case

Donte’s jail sentence hit Brendan a little too close to home: “While I was watching Sports Center with some of the guys, we were all shocked to see the story about NFL player Donte’ Stallworth pleading guilty to DUI manslaughter and being sentenced to 30-days in jail and 1000 hours of community service. For me, this really hits home because my mother and I were hit by a drunk driver earlier this year. So let me get this straight, Michael Vick gets two years in jail for killing dogs and Stallworth gets only 30 days for killing someone? Now they say that justice is blind, but even Stevie Wonder can see that more than 30 days in jail was needed here. I think this was a terrible injustice. This is why so many people look at pro athletes with disgust and disdain. I was thoroughly disappointed.”

(via: SbB)