Bruce Bowen: Changes in Diet Led to Tim Duncan’s Resurgence

by May 28, 2012

Last season, the basketball world looked on sadly as Tim Duncan seemed to finally be breaking down physically. And after a first round loss to the upstart Memphis Grizzlies, former Spurs teammate Bruce Bowen claims that significant changes to Tim Duncan’s diet — starting in the offseason, and continuing throughout the NBA lockout — have helped him regain form this year. From the Express-News: “Former Spur Bruce Bowen said that 20 pounds that Tim Duncan has lost since the end of last season has been a major reason for his comeback season this year. Bowen appeared Sunday morning on ESPN’s Sports Center. He said that Duncan had a revelation that led to changes in his conditioning after the first-round elimination to Memphis last season. ‘He lost a lot of weight,’ Bowen said. ‘In fact, when we would go out to eat, Tim would split the bill and we had a big plethora of food out of us. But now, he’s starting to eat wheat bread and chicken only, no mayonaise, no mustard, none of that.’ Bowen said the weight loss has helped Duncan extend his career. ‘That’s easy on his knees and easy on his body and he took care of his body during the lockout,’ Bowen said. ‘He understood it would end at some point, but he took care of himself.’”