Bryan Colangelo: Chris Bosh ‘Likely’ Gone

by June 29, 2010

Talking to a Toronto sports radio station, the Raptors’ GM admitted what his fanbase has now known for months. The Globe and Mail reports: “General manager Bryan Colangelo said Monday ‘it’s likely’ that free agent forward Chris Bosh will leave the Toronto Raptors. Colangelo told radio station Fan590 in Toronto that the Raptors still hope to keep the All-Star forward, but if Bosh does want to leave, he will try to work a sign-and-trade arrangement that could help both sides. ‘As we look at Chris as a potential free agent, our own free agent, wanting to re-sign him, I still have that intention and desire,’ Colangelo said. ‘But it’s becoming more and more clear that that’s not going to happen. Now we need to decide what the best way is to come out of this.’ A sign-and-trade would allow Bosh to get an extra year on his contract while enabling the Raptors to receive something in return for losing him. If Bosh simply signs with another team, it could cost him about $30-million. Colangelo confirmed that Bosh did not exercise his option for next season, making him a free agent. He joins the class that will include LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, and Bosh has long been considered the likeliest to leave, with Miami and Chicago often considered the favourites. Colangelo said he has been in contact with Bosh’s agent, Henry Thomas, but not as much lately with Bosh, who has been travelling. ‘We will get to a point where there’s a conclusion to this one way or the other,’ Colangelo said.”