Byron Scott on Kobe Bryant’s Record Misses: ‘I Don’t Care About That Crap’

by November 12, 2014

Kobe Bryant has now missed an NBA record 13,421 shot attempts in 1,252 games, overtaking John Havlicek.

While some observers predictably criticize Kobe for being a selfish ballhog, Los Angeles Lakers head coach Byron Scott naturally has a different take on the matter.

Scott overlooks the misses, and instead focuses on everything else Bryant has accomplished during his 19-year Hall of Fame career.

Per the LA Daily News:

“I don’t care about that crap,” Scott said following Lakers’ morning shootaround, which lasted around 90 minutes. “I’m sure he doesn’t either. It speaks of his aggressiveness and longevity.”


“John [Havlicek] was a pretty damn good basketball player back in the day,” Scott said


“To the people who talk about how many shots he takes and things like that, it’s almost damned if you, damned if you don’t,” Scott said. “In the games he doesn’t take more shots, people ask why didn’t he take more shots. He can’t win either way. That’s unbelievable to me for a guy who gives everything he’s got every single time he’s on the floor. It’s unfortunate. He’s one of the greatest competitors we’ve seen in a long time. I take all that stuff with a grain of salt and he does too because the bottom line with him is championships.”