Cavaliers Player Says Team Dysfunction Is ‘The Worst It’s Ever Been’

by January 29, 2018
cavs dysfunction worst

The Cleveland Cavaliers have always endured periods of chaos, but according to one Cavs player, this time could be different.

While guesting on the Hoop Collective podcast, ESPN’s Dave McMenamin revealed that a Cavs player told him that the team’s dysfunction is “the worst it’s ever been.”

I had a player tell me when we were in San Antonio that this is the worst it’s ever been. And so, I trust their opinion.

I think there’s a couple factors at play. I don’t think I’m breaking news here to say it. But one of them clearly is, the guys in that locker room clearly felt like they had the best team. Or if not the best team, a team that certainly had enough to beat any other team.

And that was because they had two top players in LeBron and Kyrie Irving. And by taking Kyrie Irving away and adding a player in Isaiah Thomas, who is not the same he was. And maybe someday he’ll be that guy again, but he’s not that guy right now, and it’s kind of driving these guys crazy.

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