Charlotte Bobcats Bought Out Boris Diaw

by March 21, 2012

The acrimony between Diaw and the Bobcats had been building for quite some time now, and today, they officially severed ties. Per the Charlotte Observer: “Power forward Boris Diaw and the Charlotte Bobcats have agreed on a buyout of his remaining contract that should be completed in time for Diaw to be eligible for another team’s playoff roster. Bobcats vice president of basketball operations Rod Higgins confirmed that early Wednesday morning to the Observer. The buyout, which should be completed sometime today, would make Diaw a free agent in time to sign with a contender. Meanwhile the Bobcats open one of 15 roster spots and save some of what’s left of Diaw’s $9 million salary. It’s not known just how much money Diaw agreed to give up for his freedom. Diaw played only twice in his last eight games with the Bobcats and has had a strained relationship with coach Paul Silas, who was quite critical of his effort.”