Clippers: A Playoff Team?

by December 10, 2009

Baron Davis thinks it can happen, and illustrates the point by comparing the team to some kind of cooked meal: “When informed that Charles Barkley recently told a reporter that the Clippers are good enough to make the playoffs, Davis smiled. Then he gave an emphatic answer. ‘We can be in the playoffs easily,’ Davis said, his mood suddenly upbeat. ‘We can be real good,’ Davis repeated three times, for emphasis. OK, you can be real good if what happens? Davis laughed. ‘We’ve all got to figure it out,’ Davis said. ‘It’s like cooking, man. You have got to have the right ingredients and it’s got to mesh in order for it to taste good. You can’t cook the beef too much. You’ve got to throw some carrots in the pot. Somebody — and I’m trying to be that person — has got to take what we all have and give us the confidence.'”