Contest: Win SWAG From Champs Sports


The word “swag” has swept the world off its feet and is used in everyday language seemingly more frequently than last names—it’s literally inescapable. Particularly in the sports world, where athletes frequently use the word to describe both their on-court game and off-court personalities.

There is no true definition to the word “swag.” Its use is relatively lofty but at its core, the word is an all-encompassing synonym for “cool” and everything that is determined to be cool.

With swag engrained in everyone’s brain, our friends at Champs Sports are releasing their own e-zine version of swag, entitled, quite fittingly, SWAG (Stylish Ways to Acquire Game). The quarterly installment will focus on athlete’s cultural impact on their respective world of sport—whether that’s basketball, football, baseball or what have you.

“Real athletes know that having Game is more than just their performance on the court or field—it’s about how they embrace the sport-lifestyle and identify themselves as athletes 24/7,” says Frank Bracken, vice president of marketing, Champs Sports. “SWAG takes a look into the lives and interests of today’s biggest athletes and celebrates the people who inspire sports culture in a unique way that speaks directly to teens.”

In essence, SWAG focuses more on what the athlete does to inspire their performance on game day. Whether that’s fashion, music, being community driven or some unique aspect of their life that helps them maximize their performance; SWAG will have it covered.

With that in mind, SLAMonline wants to know what basketball player you think embodies the idea behind SWAG and best embraces the sport-lifestyle to the fullest?

Drop your answer (along with a working e-mail address) in the comment section and the best answer will win a hook-up from Champs Sports similar to the pics above.

The first edition of SWAG can be downloaded for free here (Mac) or here (Droid).