Daniel Gibson on Mike Brown: ‘I Didn’t Get a Fair Chance’

Boobie Gibson hopes he’ll get a chance to show what he’s made of under his new coach, Byron Scott. From the Plain Dealer: “With less than a month before the Sept. 28 start of training camp, Gibson is looking forward to erasing the memory of last season and making his mark in Scott’s up-tempo offense. Although he usually responded when called upon, he couldn’t seem to find a regular spot in Mike Brown’s rotation last year. ‘I definitely feel like I didn’t get a fair chance,’ Gibson said of last season. ‘But as a person and a player I continue to work and have faith in God and the system we’ve put in that it will turn. That’s what I tried to do — continue to stay positive. I’m still continuing to work and hoping this year things will be different. I’m ready to play and ready to help.’ Gibson said he has altered his workouts to prepare for the new system. ‘That’s one of the things I’ve been doing all summer — getting my body in good shape, knowing that we’re going to be an up and down team,” Gibson said. “I think this summer I did a lot more cardio. Normally I don’t do cardio because I’m already frail as it is. I try to stay away from a whole lot of running because I lose a lot of weight. But this summer I did both. I did a lot of strength training, so I’m very strong right now. I combined it with a lot of calestenics, running hills, running on the beach, different things to build endurance.'”