Danny Granger Expects to Start for the Indiana Pacers Next Season

by June 05, 2013

Paul George has clearly suplanted him as the Indiana Pacers’ go-to player, but Danny Granger isn’t prepared to completely move aside once he’s healthy again. Granger says that he plans to be re-inserted in the Pacers’ starting lineup next season. Per the Indy Star Q&A: “Question: Your thoughts on the team? Answer: ‘I’m extremely proud, especially the younger guys. Paul George, Lance Stephenson, the growth they’ve shown this year is really admirable. We lost me and we had to rotate how we were going to play. They stepped up. Roy had another great year, George Hill had a great year. It’s another step for us. We started three years ago. We kind of snuck into the playoffs against the Bulls. We got to the second round, lost to the Heat, lost to Heat again, but it’s building blocks. We keep building toward our final goal.’ Q: The joy in seeing the team grow after years of struggle? A: ‘I’m so happy, I don’t even know how to describe it. My wife was like, ‘You’ve been just so happy walking around here.’ It’s exciting to see us doing so well. I’ve been here through all the years we weren’t doing so well. We drafted Roy, we drafted Paul, we drafted Lance, the cornerstones of our foundation and it’s been impressive to see them grow.’ Q: What do you see in the possibilities with you and Paul together next year? A: ‘It’s scary. I think it’s really scary what we can do when we play together….For the most part, our future is very, very bright.’ Q: How confident are you that you’ll be 100 percent and able to contribute? A: ‘I’m confident. My rehab is probably another month and a half to two months, so I’ll be ready for the season. It’s just a matter of time.’ […] Q: What role do you foresee for yourself next year? A: ‘I expect to be back in the starting lineup. We really didn’t have a drop off from the team before in this team. We lost to the Heat again and my role is kind of secondary to my health.'”