Danny Granger: Udonis Haslem Should Be Suspended for Game 6

by May 23, 2012

Udonis Haslem delivered a hard, retaliatory foul on Tyler Hansbrough last night, during the Miami Heat’s critical Game 5 victory. According to Danny Granger — himself no guarantee to suit up for Game 6 — Haslem should be forced to sit out the next battle. From the Sun-Sentinel: “Obviously it was retaliation for Tyler’s foul on [Dwyane] Wade,’ Granger said. ‘I mean, I saw it was bad in the game. Then I came back here and I saw the replay. It looked about three times worse. That was all-out. I expect to see Flagrant 2. I’d be shocked if they don’t upgrade it after looking at that play. … Seeing it in slow motion, it was obvious what [Haslem’s] intent was. I think it was just as dangerous as what Metta World Peace did to James Harden. I know he was trying to protect his teammate, but it was a hard foul.’ Granger’s own status is uncertain for Game 6 on Thursday, but that’s due to the serious sprain he suffered to his left ankle late in the first half. […] In terms of discipline, the timing of the Haslem foul was suspicious and could prompt action from the league office. Granger admitted the Hansbrough foul on Wade ‘should have been a Flagrant 1. He went to block the shot and there was head contact.’ However, Granger also was upset by the garbage-time foul on Pacers backup Lance Stephenson by Heat center Dexter Pittman. ‘Lance is getting X-rayed right now; he might have broken his collarbone,’ Granger said. ‘I’d be surprised if that one’s not a Flagrant 2 as well. Like I said, it was like the Wild, Wild West.'”