David Stern Wants to Curb the Resting of Healthy Players

by April 23, 2013

NBA Commissioner David Stern is lording over the final postseason of his 30-year career, and while he’s still in charge, Stern wants to tweak a few things. Namely, the blatant resting of healthy players by teams late in the season. Per ESPN Radio (via SRI): “What’s your reaction to teams resting star players during the season and down the stretch when fans are paying to see games? ‘I must say that I raised that issue with the owners at the board of governors this past week. I didn’t exactly receive one of my warmest welcomes on the subject … but I did say that it was something that they’re going to have to come to grips with. I don’t have the exact right answer, but unbridled resting, like, ‘I can rest more of my guys than you can rest of your guys,’ is really something that we cannot let get out of control. I respect the right of a coach to rest his players. I think that what I’ve spoken out against is sort of not notifying the leagues, the team and sending them home. … We have to come up with some better way … to make sure that our fans, in effect, get their money’s worth.’ What, if anything, are you doing to help Adam Silver as he gets ready to take over your post? ‘He’s going to be so much nicer to you, than I have been. … But beyond that, Adam and I, by the time I step down on Feb. 1, we will have worked together in the NBA for 22 years. OK? So, if he’s not prepared now, he will never be prepared. He knows what I do that he would like to do, and he knows what I do that he would not like to do. And everyone has their own approach to it. There’s nobody that is better prepared in dealing with media, fans, the game, owners, television, international. I’m very happy, and proud, that I have recommended to the owners — and they have accepted — a successor who is totally steeped in our game and our business.'”