Do the Utah Jazz Need to Make a Trade?

by February 10, 2011

Last night’s demoralizing home loss to the Chicago Bulls led to increased speculation that a trade is possibly in the works for the Utah Jazz. From the Deseret News: “Coach Jerry Sloan didn’t come out of his office for a postgame interview until about a half-hour after his team lost for the 10th time in 14 games. The Hall of Famer, who usually talks to reporters about 10 minutes after the final buzzer, had been in a discussion with general manager Kevin O’Connor. ‘We just had something we had to discuss,’ Sloan said, ‘and we’ll talk to you all later on about that.’ A major part of the discussion, however, was the possibility of a trade in the works. Jazz brass, though, remained tight-lipped about any details and wouldn’t comment on whether a transaction is on the table. When asked about the meeting, O’Connor told the Deseret News: ‘It was an emotional loss. We just kind of visited about a lot of things. That’s about all I’d say.’ O’Connor added that there is ‘no deal on the table’ and said there is “nothing shaking down right now.’ Whether or not something develops today or in the near future remains to be seen … Added Sloan: ‘We’re not looking to trade anybody, do anything. We’re looking to try to make our team hopefully better on the floor (and want) guys (to) accept the responsibility that it takes to be good every day.’ The Jazz canceled practice for this morning, adding an extra element of intrigue.”